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Wax Melts!

Potion Master

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We've just crafted a big batch of fresh Wax Melts! All original hand crafted scents, many pheromone enhanced too!


I made them in clamshells this time - larger size!

$8 with pheros, $5 virgin



List of available scents:
Berry Pie
Berry Pie with Heart & Soul
Caramel Apple with Treasured Hearts
Currantly Incensed with Sexpionage
Drive by Fruiting with Open Windows
Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee with Alpha-Nol
Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake with Treasured Hearts
Love Potion
Love Potion with Gotcha!
Love Potion: Pink
Love Potion: Pink with Est
Spa Mint
Sugared Resins
Sugared Resins with Phero B2.2
and more to come soon!



You can reserve these here until I get them up on Etsy, but I've got something just for you guys...


My first round I experimented with, everything in larger sizes and larger melting containers, I got my math wrong - naturally, because I cannot be trusted with math. So my first round I made Drive by Fruiting with Open Windows. I ended up making them at HALF the scent they should have been, but THREE TIMES the pheros. GAH! I decided to keep them like this in case someone has need of this kind of strength, and let me tell you , it is STRONG phero-wise. Make sure you use them in a large space! And also - these are NOT pretty. lol. I thought I'd be cute and try to layer colors, and it's just a mess, but it's TONS OF PHEROS! So, if you are interested, same price as the above - $8.00 each clam shell.... 6-12 uses out the pack. Let me know if you want!

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I have them up on Etsy now, but do not worry about the low numbers posted. I made a bunch more. Ask for an invoice if you do not see what you want.


Oh, also check the SPECIALS section, I listed a BUNCH of new Threebies!

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I'm so enjoying the wax melts.....my favs are Candied Rose w/LFM & Love Potion w/Gotcha


Mr. Karma loves the wax melts! His favorite is Midnight Moonlight w/PM. He's burning one right now.


If I don't have a wax melt in the warmer he asks me to melt one. He even bought a pack of 100 tea lights for me. I didn't even ask for them.


Getting more with my next order. I can't wait to see what new ones you dream up!

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LOVE the wax melts!  Since we are piling on, I would LOVE anything in the vein of Adam's Nectar scented melts.  Make my house smell appletastic.  Hmmm...  I wonder how well The Love God would work in a wax melt?

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