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Anyone else: many more hits with oil, little to none with spray?


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Hey all. Apologies if this appears in another thread. Although it's been a few yeas since I've gone the spray route (and I do plan on revisiting them and trying again), I've found that throughout my phero use I almost never got any hits when using a spray (the ones I tried were OW, PP, and DHEAS), whereas I was able to see relatively measurable hits when wearing oils (especially SSFW, H&S, TMI, and CB when I wear Velvet Kisses). And I totally understand that everyone is different, and that some fall in the less-is-more camp while others need more. But I think the only time I ever maybe noticed a possible difference with a spray was the one time I wore 5 (maybe 6) sprays of PP. I generally tend to start out small with the oils and build up, and while I tried to do the same with the sprays I just felt like I never really had any results at all. Just wanted to put this out there to se if anyone else had a similar experience re: sprays vs. oil. And I think I remember someone telling a similar story about TH, and how they never had a hit with it until they finally went with something like 7 or 8 sprays :)


(I also realize that I haven't tried the sprays I mentioned above in an oil form, to see if maybe I just don't respond to those blends at all.)


Thanks for any feedback.



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This isn't exactly ​what you're talking about, but I think it falls into the same camp, sort of. UN LFN in oil tended to turn me into this crazed cooking, cleaning Super-Housewife type of thing, (and then sex after all the cooking and cleaning was done. :lol: Wtf, right?). I accidentally changed my LFN in oil into a spray, (I meant to turn my LFM into a spray, but grabbed the wrong bottle - derp), and it wasn't until I tried it as a spray that I got anything approximating the kind of effect it's supposed to have. I had a bottle of Because the Night with LFN in oil, and that seemed to work "properly". It was only the UN in oil that turned housework and cooking into foreplay for me. :lol:


Some things I do suspect work better on me in oil, rather than in spray. I think I prefer SS4W in oil, but I prefer Gotcha! in a spray. There are a few others that I prefer in one format over another. Lace I prefer in a spray, H&S could go either way, but I think I prefer it in oil, (the jury is still out on that one).


I do find that I go through my sprays a lot more quickly, which leads me to think that I need to really figure out which ones really do work better for me in a spray, and just get the rest in oil. I'd be saving a lot of money if I could narrow it down definitively. Sprays are so much more expensive, and I use them up more quickly, so I don't want to splurge on them if a particular blend works just as well in oil. For the most part, I think they all work pretty great in oil form. It's just a pain trying to find (and remember) your sweet spot with a bunch of different blends.

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I do notice that I can OD easier with the sprays. I sprayed 3 of Levitation and got a headache. I sprayed 2 of Popularity Potion and hours later thinking it wore off I used an oil with MLH and got a headache. I use MLH in oil without any headache. I love it. Makes me smile. I notice I do better with oils than the sprays. I also have Pop Potion in an oil and never got a headache. I think I have gotten more hits with the oils so far.

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It could also be that they are all very social blends. I get nothing really from OW, Levitation and PP. You might just not get hits or selfies from anol heavy blends. Or you are immune to it or DHEAS.

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Honestly there are so many variables. But, I'll say that has happened with me. The very first phero blend I tried was LFM and it was in a phero enhanced scent in oil. Personally I think it was just luck. The perfect storm of phero, scent, medium, dosage, clothing choice and body heat & context. I'm one of those ppl that tend to be on the warmer side, body temperature wise. When I got an Un spray it was hard to dupe the effect. Different medium, different dose... It was basically starting over. It's really not unusual.

I could say, i find that [so far] PM works better for me in phero enhanced scents than the Un. Really, that's probably not a thing. It's more likely that it's because most of time that's how Ive worn PM and I use my unscented less often.

I will make one point and that is that when Mara does an enhanced scent the scent/phero combo are incredibly congruent and I believe that gives the phero more umph.

Overall I think dosage is the largest factor that you can control.

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