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Hi All,


I've been lurking for a while reading and researching (and getting very excited in the process) and finally placed my order which I have now received, I wanted to wait for it to arrive before posting my hello. My order took less than 1 week to arrive to Ireland so I was very happy to receive it on Wednesday as I thought it might take up to 3 weeks :). Also how it was packaged is delightful so it was a huge pleasure to receive it.


The moment I opened the box the beautiful smells whafted out. It was sooooo nice...


I had purchased some pheromones and mixes from Androtics but was disappointed in them somewhat, it was difficult to understand how to use them and I couldn't find enough information in their forum as the important knowledge areas are locked - there was one very very very helpful male member who gave me good pointer thought! . So now I have a pile of ToGo bottles with nowhere ToGo. But thankfully I found Love Potion.


I ordered the womens sample set plus a FB of Heart & Soul, LAM (following on from reading Dolly's WOW review of it!) and a FB of EST. I also received a number of free samples. I didn't know where to start with all of the lovely bottles once I opened the box and had to resist blobbing bits of different oils all over me :)


My main intention is to "encourage" SO's libido and communication. He is an extremely cuddly, touchy-feely man who is very loving and caring, he is like anaconda in bed, wrapped round me - I have to sneak away once he's asleep as I get so warm!!


As far as sex goes we've settled into a once a week routine which suits him just fine, but not me, and he's lost his "aggressive in a good way" and "adventurous" approach also, which I'd love to rekindle. He's also an extremely quiet, as in practically mute, type of man. I did find that Instant Openess caused him to be more chatty and I have a small vial of Androstenol which he seems to respond well to so this is fantastic as we can sit and chat now where before it was just silence (with a lot of cuddling and touching but no words). So as far as pheromones go this had made our lives much better already. We also used Instant Shine which has made both of us much happier, calmer etc. I haven't found any particular response to Instant Honesty. Not that we weren't happy previously, but the extra communication has added to the happiness, so now we begin our journey with both of us in a much happier frame of mind and some delicious scents to share.


I also have Eow and Lust After Me, which regardless of the amounts used caused no reaction from SO :(


I wonder how to use the samples, the full roll on's are easy as I can roll down and get a dose. But the sample bottles, how to know how much to use, I've just been tipping them onto my finger tip and wiping on my skin?


It's a bit difficult to test around SO as he works odd hours and a lot of time we will only see each other for brief minutes over the whole week until we both manage to have a day or two off work together - so those days and the rare evenings we manage to catch together will be my testing times. Other than that I will try each scent to see what I like also. So far I have done quick tests on:


EST - sprayed onto neck and cleavage - I like the smell but don't notice any significant change in the cuddle level or SO wanting to do more for me, however I did notice while I was trying to open a bottle of wine that instead of having a few giggles at my weakness at popping a cork he instead instantly jumped to take the bottle and corkscrew from me. I'm going to leave EST to the side for a while until I test the scents.


Sugared Banana - free sample received. Delicious smell, love it!


Sneak Clean with SS - I like the smell but not overly so. I put a dot on my upper torso and behind my ears, when I sat down next to SO he instantly asked what the smell was (he has a terribly sense of smell), and affirmed that he liked it when asked, but I think he would say that anyway, so maybe I need some truth potion when asking him about the scents :)


LAM - decided to try the LAM today and applied in the recommended lollipop way and resisted the temptation to smear it everywhere else as well. SO was around for a while so even though I would be in my office he would be pottering around and making us breakfast so I thought I'd see if I could get his nose twitching. Ah he had to go soon after so nothing to see, he will be home tonight at around 1 in the morning and I will be in bed so maybe he'll enjoy the smell then - in the meantime I'm here in my office enjoying the lovely scents all to myself :)


I'm looking forward to testing - slowly - all the oils I have received and learning from everyone here on the forum.







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Welcome! All I can say is test away, and note the reactions! It is fun when you have "known" subjects to test, so you can gauge any reactions that are out of the norm.

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Hey welcome! It seems like you're fairly well-versed w/ testing methods. I think we can still get phero trials? Maybe try out Cougar, Levitation, & Open Windows? Good luck to you & happy testing. :)

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Welcome. Test slowly. Remember to note how much you put on. You definitely want a cover scent if you are using UNscented pheromones. EST has a vague smell and if your guy has a good nose, you noted, I'd say wear with a perfume. Go easy on application. I bought bottle of EST 3 years ago. I'M down to approx 1/4 of the bottle left.


Is your LAM UNscented? That needs cover too. It's copulin heavy make sure you leave yourself some dry down time before dressing.

You've got a nice assortment just take your time experimenting, that's always fun.

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Hi All, Thank you for the lovely welcome! I have been doing some (limited) testing and have a few questions so I think I will put them in a new thread in the General forum!


@Beccah - I have trialled Cougar - love the smell, no response from SO, well there was but unexpectedly something that had never happened before :( Maybe TMI but he couldn't finish.... I have read up on Levitation and Open Windows and plan to include them in my next order once I have finished testing the trials I have.


@StacyK - SO has a terrible sense of smell, can smell nothing, but from reading I think it doesn't matter so much, I hope anyway!! My LAM is scented and I love the scent and EST has a twang as you say but covered nicely with a scent so that was good, I'm planing on EST'ing him later again as I only tried it once.


I have very limited testing windows and only 1 person to test on - the SO who is working mostly so very few testing windows - and I work alone and don't get out much if at all. Had a very interesting response from my son though with EST. He is intellectually disabled and also severely Autistic, he loves cuddling etc. but doesn't look for them and is too busy wandering around opening and closing doors to look for cuddles, he just loves them if you make a point of giving them to him. However on my EST day I didn't expect to be around him as he was supposed to be with his dad but that fell through. So I had sprayed EST before I knew this, well my lovely little boy sat on my lap for ages and keep throwing his arms around me and giving me hugs, this is the first time ever and he is 10, it was lovely, but I have to admit exhausting as he is the size of a 10 year old boy but has the behaviour of at 1-2 year old so was throwing himself everywhere with legs kicking - it was fun but I will be careful with EST around him as I need to have the energy for all the lovely hugs and be prepared for the bruising :)


Ok, I will make a separate thread for my questions later today and hopefully have some things cleared up for myself - it's lovely to be here with you all and I love reading all the reviews and your experiments.

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