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Newbie with some questions

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Hi All,


I joined the forum a couple of weeks ago after I received my first delicious order, which is the Womens Sample pack, plus FB LAM, FB EST, FB H&S and some free samples - what a lovely gift so thank you to LPMP for that.


I have been doing some limited testing as my testing window is small and I have only 1 person to test on - the fabulous SO, who is himself a natural Cuddle Bunny :) Which makes testing Cuddle Bunny difficult as the effects it is supposed to evoke are natural characteristics he possesses anyway, but I think I did see a slight difference on the days I tried it around him. Also saw a big response from my son when I accidentally wore EST around him, so that was good.


I have a few questions I am hoping someone can help me with - I have read through the forums, spending about 2-3 hours a days reading over the last few weeks, and have answers to a lot of questions that I had so that is great, you are all wonderful at sharing your experiences. But I do have some questions still so I hope it is ok to ask those here.


Question 1 - Sample oils

I have the Womens Sample Set, however I am unsure what a "dose" is. I have been applying by tipping the sample bottle onto my finger tip and then dabbing that onto my skin, so this is to me a tiny amount. Am I doing this wrong, is a dose larger than a tiny bit of oil on the fingertip - I'm used to the sprays from Androtics so not sure....


Question 2 - EoW/Lam (Lust After Me)

I have had virtually no response from SO to couplins, regardless of what amount I wear. Which I'm raging about as I really want to amp him up, this was my main reason for seeking out pheromones and I was initially overjoyed to hear about copulins.


SO was previously a very high libido man, as I am high libido woman despite currently going through menopause, in fact it seems to be ramping me up even more.


We are both in our late 40's and together for 5 years, however his libido fell off slowly starting about 2 years ago, as did his adventurous response. Up until a few weeks ago we had settled into a once a week vanilla routine for sex, which I am not happy about, he does work odd hours and is the type of person who needs a LOT of sleep (it's a Taurus thing I think!!) Things are also going downhill further in that the length of time is getting longer, we are slowly approaching the once every 2 weeks stage and that he is starting to go soft during sex every time (this has been going on for the same length of time as his libido started slowing down - but only happened occasionally and now it seems to happen every time - we just switch to something else which is fine, but I wish it didn't happen at all obviously!!)


So while I have had no reaction to copulins with regards to him wanting more action, I did note once when I put them on my neck, below my ear, before bed a few weeks ago (this is where his nose usually gets buried) he had no problems and ultimate stamina - actually a bit much, very enjoyable though I must say despite nearly passing out from the heat due to his drawn out activities :)


However the other night while testing Cougar potion, he couldn't finish at all and wasn't interested in doing so - and it had been 1.5 weeks since we had sex, then the next night he just barely got going when I was playing with him and then went completely soft and wasn't interested in pursuing anything further, now granted he had been up since 5.20 a.m. and this was 10 p.m. but I thought given that he hadn't finished the night before he would be looking forward to lying back and enjoying the attention :( I plan to look after him well this weekend when he has some time off work to make up for it :)


That seems like a long introduction to my actual question which is twofold:


Firstly, I plan on just wearing a drop of cops on my tummy each day, this is to expose SO to copulins and keep his testosterone levels amped when around me regardless of whether it makes him active or not - is this ok to do?


Secondly, before I managed to get around to reading a thread where Mara posted about EoW and Lust After Me, in desperation I mixed the two together in a bottle. Then last week I read mara's advice not to do this - does this now mean that my mixed bottle of copulins is useless? Should I purchase a bottle of EW from here - that Lust After Me was sooooo expensive and I hate the thought that I have wasted that much money :(


Question 3 - Copulins and Other oils

When I apply copulins, do I need to await dry down before applying say LAM or Cougar oil? Or can I apply the copulins and then immediately the scented phero based oils and let them both dry down together as they are both oils?


Question 4

What on earth am I going to do with all my ToGo nearly full bottles I purchased from Androtics now that I have found the lovely LPMP offerings - ha that wasn't really a question that I expect answers to but if anyone has any ideas....they would be most welcome.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help and thank you to all who read :)

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Firstly, hello, & welcome to the forum! :)


I don't have answers for all of your questions, but might be able to help with a couple...


With regard to the samplers... if you're talking about the scented samples, it might make it easier to gauge an effective amount if you know that each sample contains between 4-10 "doses". From there it's kind of hard to gauge, because everyone's effective doses, or sweet spots, are different. It takes a bit of play/testing to find out what amount will work for you.


As a general rule of thumb, if you were to draw an upside-down lollipop on your torso, from between your breasts down to and around your navel, your scented pheros will have the best effect because your body heat will help disperse them quite effectively. Personally, with the more sexual oils, (the ones that have a higher amount of cops in them, like Cuddle Bunny, Sexology, Sexpionage, LFN and Blatant Invitation), I find I don't need to do a full lollipop application. With the more social oils, (Cougar, Super Sexy for Women, Lumina, LFM, Popularity Potion, Perfect Match, Open Windows etc), I generally do a full lollipop application and then I also apply these to the back of my neck, my wrists or forearms, sometimes the small of my back... It depends on which one I'm using.


One thing to keep in mind with LAM (Like A Magnet) and BAM (Bewitch, Attract, Mesmerize), is that they're full-strength in terms of phero. Most of the scented pheros are 1/3 of the strength of the Unscented ones. These two are full strength though, so you generally need quite a bit less. Also, I'm not sure whether you were referring to Like A Magnet or Lust After Me in your 3rd question, but just in case you were talking about Like A Magnet, that one already has a pretty hefty dose of cops in it, no need to add more, and in fact, it would be wasteful and probably counter-productive to add more cops to that blend.


As per question 2, regarding cops. I'm not sure if mixing EoW and Lust After Me renders them useless. Someone else will have to answer that for you, unfortunately. I'm not familiar with Lust After Me.


My BF does not always respond to cops either. Sometimes he really, really does, and sometimes, not so much. What he does usually respond to sexually is blends that contain a lot of EST, which I think is weird, but whatever. He responds pretty heartily to Lace and Heart & Soul a lot of the time as though they're pure copulins, even though they contain no copulins whatsoever. So every dude is going to be different in terms of what they do or don't respond to. And to find what works for him might take some time & experimentation, (which is both fun at times, and frustrating at others). I can say this though: the only copulin product that ALWAYS gets my BF's attention is PheroGirl. I always half-joke that I can't even open the damned bottle before he's on me. Like I said, I'm only ​half ​joking. I swear sometimes I can just think about putting some PheroGirl on, and he's on me. For him, that one is a sure-hitter.


You might consider trying one or two of the more sexually aggressive blends, like La Femme Noir, Blatant Invitation or Sexpionage. I don't use Blatant Invitation because for some reason it tends to turn me into a raging bitch almost immediately. But I've had more than excellent results with LFN and Sexpionage. They are POTENT. And in some ways, they might turn his crank a little more than the softer, more EST-centric blends. I'd suggest getting a sample of Compromising Positions, and/or scented samples of LFN or Blatant Invitation. My preference is for LFN because it's very sultry, and because for me, it has this sort of magical quality where BF doesn't seem to care about his own satisfaction - he's more interested in mine. I don't know if it works like that for others on the forum, but for me, that's exactly how it works. And. It. Is. Awesome. ;) I like to think of it as Sexpionage "Light". If I'm really ​trying to get his attention, (as opposed to just generally keeping his attention focused on me as a sexy woman), I reach for either PheroGirl, LFN or Sexpionage. Those are my top 3 sexual go-getters. They always work.


I generally wear cops every day, no matter where I am. I just like how I feel when I wear them. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, as long as I'm not over-doing it. I generally apply a little circle of a scented copulin product around my navel, and I'm set. If I'm feeling a little more "out there", I might apply a tiny line on my chest too. If I'm trying to get BF's attention, I might increase the amount I put on my chest to make a small smiley face ( :lol: ). When it comes right down to it, because BF doesn't always respond to cops, I wear them for me, because they make me feel good - more confident, a little more feminine and attractive. These days, if he responds to what I'm wearing, great, and if not, oh well. It does seem to me that the more confident I feel, and the more I'm going about my own business, the more attractive I become to him. So there's something to be said for wearing cops and pheros for yourself, alone.


Question 3: I hate waiting for dry-down time with cops. I don't have that kind of time or patience in my schedule or my psyche, so what I do is apply my cops, apply my scent directly on top or in a little circle around the cops application site, and with my wrists, I very gently and carefully smoosh (a very technical term, I know) them together and spread them out so they'll dry faster. I still wait a few minutes to get dressed, so that they're totally dry and don't get on my clothes. I don't usually use unscented EoW. I always opt for the scented copulin products like the OCCOs or others. I just find them easier to use.


Question 4 I can't help you with, as I've never purchased anything from Androtics. Maybe you could sell them?


Anyway, I don't know if I've helped or created more confusion for you. Hopefully that helped a little bit.


Also, I can say that yes, needing an obnoxious amount of sleep is a Taurus thing. I've dated a few Tauruses. Lovely, snuggly men, but I found their tendency to sleep through every-damned-thing quite frustrating... and astonishing. And I daresay it made me a little jealous, because sometimes I can't sleep at all. :lol:


I'm sorry that he's having issues in bed. That must be quite frustrating for you. It sounds as though it could be due to fatigue. Or maybe he has something pressing/stressful on his mind?


Okay. I'm finished rambling! Good luck!

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Greetings and welcome to the forum,


In sure some of the seasoned users in here will be a great resource for your questions. I have no experience with other companies to be of use with that inquiry, and I don't mix cops with blends that already contain them.


As far as the SO and cops, it will likely take some time. Some ladies have said that they wear them on an almost daily basis, it's best to keep a journal of your own experiences to see what works for you. It's been a few years and I'm still trying to sort that one out. The men in my life don't seem to be very responsive to cops, the BF may even have an aversion as far as I can tell, or perhaps they don't show it in any way that is obvious. There have been very few occasions that made me think there was any response. I'm not giving up the good fight with using them but have embraced wearing cops and most other blends for my own enjoyment. There are some people who simply are not apparent responders.


Best of luck, and happy experimenting


Eggers did way better, I second the using for self effects often equals more attraction bit. If you feel good more people tend to gravitate toward you, confidence is sexy, happiness contagious and all that.

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You know, maybe he's suffering from low testosterone? It sounds like this is something that may need some medical intervention. Also, you shouldn't take it personally if he's having some trouble; men are people too. Their penises aren't robotic. :lol: I joke, but I think we as women have been brainwashed by the media into thinking that men are just big walking erections & that they're libidos have no nuance to them; like it's just insert tab B into slot A for them! Exhaustion can definitely put a damper on one's libido, along with the fact that their penises lose sensitivity as they get older. In my case, I know pheros don't affect me as intended when I'm short of sleep, usually due to my sleep schedule being off. Could be that way for him, too. I don't know your life, or what you guys are into, so I don't want to offend you, but I've found that it's helped me in my celibacy to just self-service. Not as much fun, but then I don't get as cranky nor do I find myself lowering my dating standards. Sorry for the TMI, I just put it out there because sometimes it's better to take matters into your own hands when your sex life isn't what you want, lol. And.....I'm done!

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Welcome to the forum!


If you are referring to "Lust After Me" from Androtics, that crap was so weak, that dumping a bottle of EoW into it probably wouldn't hurt it. If you are referring to "Like A Magnet" from LPMP, it is pretty dosed up anyway (it is like 16X the strength of Lust After Me, according to the math), so you really don't need to add more cops. That is not to say that I HAVEN'T used additional cops with LAM..... :rolleyes: I just learned that it isn't necessary. Cops can be added to just about every women's blend......it is just a matter of degree.....you may not have to use as much is all.


If applying straight cops......YES, I cannot stress how important drydown is. If they don't dry down properly, you can get bleed through.....bleed through is where you are shopping or whatever, going about your day, and all of a sudden, you say to yourself....."WHAT is that smell that I just caught a faint whiff of? What is that? It smells kind of like......wait, NO it can't be.....YEP, it smells like cooch.....oh no, that's me! EEEEWWWWW!" :blink:


With the scented products like OCCO or Like a Magnet, drydown is not as important, but I would still avoid getting them in your hair (HELL TO GET OUT) or on your clothes. Getting them in your hair is what we termed "coochy head".....

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Hi All, Thanks so much for all your replies and so sorry for the delay in responding, i've been so very busy with work these days.



You gave me a lot to work with :) I've been experimenting more with the socials rather than the sexuals over the last 2 weeks. SO responds very well, socially, to the socials, or maybe I do and my upbeatedness when wearing them makes him more upbeat and chatty. He has definitely been more chatty when I wear EST, TMI, H&S. They haven't garnered any sexual responses though :)


I"ve laid off the cops for a while just to see the reaction to the socials, though I do enjoy wearing them as they give me a boost! I did breakdown and do a (hopeful) evening with Pherogirl (from pure frustration) but nothing.


Now it seems SO has developed some kind of tummy upset over the last few weeks so he's booked in for a colonoscopy, he's a bit of a hypochondriac so he better have something wrong with him and not just be coming up with excuses - JOKE!! Yes my snuggly, cuddly, sleep wearing Taurus is also a hypochondriac, I can't catch a break!!


I like your suggestion of LFN and will order a sample of that in my next order.



Thanks for your thoughts. Not TMI to me as I'm pretty much open about things myself and don't mind hearing any thoughts or voicing my own :) I've had no problems with "self servicing" (love the way you put that!!) in the past but with SO now I'm getting so frustrated with things that I can't even do that so much, all my life I would have self serviced for physical reasons and had no problem doing it, but now it's not so much physical as I need the intimate connection and can't get that from myself, and SO's hugs and cuddles aren't enough either!


I don't think he is suffering from Low-T but it's something I'm aware of, so once his colonoscopy is done, and there are no problems or if a problem is found and (hopefully) fixed, I'll be encouraging a testosterone test. I do my own self checks though :) He has frequent erections during the night while asleep which I throughly enjoy petting - not that it wakes him - and the biggest test of Free Testosterone Levels in men is morning erection between 6 and 7 a.m. and he has those EVERY morning. Just wish he would use them!


I do hear and am cognisant of what you are saying re men not being robots, but really - it's been almost 4 weeks now and I'm just looking for once a week (more would be a bonus). He's only "exhausted" on the occasional week when his work schedule is for early morning starts, and on those weeks he only works 3-4 days so he has plenty of time to get un-exhausted. On the other weeks he is on later starts and get tons of sleep then, minimum 9 hours a night, I on the other had work at least 10 hours per week more than him and also run the house and look after the children (one of whom is disabled) and generally get less sleep than him (though I do need less as I have high energy levels) so it gets to me when I think that his lack of oomph is because he might "think" he's too tired (in his head anyway and that's were sexual desire starts). It makes me want to scream with frustration at him, or it did previously, now thanks to using phero's I've become much more at peace with the situation, though I'm not completely happy and still working towards improving the situation!!



Yes I was referring to Lust After Me from Androtics, not a twitch from SO's litte SO using that. The EoW (from Love Scent) at least garnered a twitch and an even greater reaction on one occasion :) I'm raging I spent so much money on the LustAM! 99 Euro. So glad to hear you don't think its wasted putting my EoW into it. I've ordered an bottle of EW from here also as I'll feel better using that un-enhanced with another product, will put it back into use when SO's medical issue is sorted out.


I've made the mistake with EoW and LustAM and gotten the bleed through whilst grocery shopping, it is a bit shocking alright. I'll keep my experimenting with it to only when indoors in my own home once I get back to trying it again.


I have LikeAM and have worn it on a couple of occasions with SO when I first received it, but no response. I think it was around the time that I received my first order though that SO started to experience his tummy issues so I've put everything sexual on hold experimentally for now. Though I have to say it's been 4 weeks of no action now (and I've done Beach's self servicing to help me along) but now I'm at the point of ravishing SO, I'll be wearing some LAM this evening and doing just that. He should be happy to be ravished as he's just bought some car parts that he's lusted after for a while (yes he lusts after car parts, like literally!) so is a happy happy man today.

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