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New Releases for APRIL 2017 - PEs and First Friday too!

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Cotton Candy Peach

I made a whole suite of B&B products from this gorgeous blend this month!

Also available: Hair & Body Shampoo Bars, Glycerin Soap, Sugar Scrub, Bath Salts, and Whipped Pumpkin Seed Massage Butter!



Anti-Piggy - Pheromone Enhanced with Mega Watt



Sunshine of Your Love



Spring Thyme



Petals of Silk - Pheromone Enhanced with La Femme Noire



Cacao Amor - Enhanced with Copulins



Cherry Blossom Musk



Buds of May



Blue Rose - Pheromone Enhanced with Magnet



Tiresias - Unisex



Attis - for Men






8 PEs in the Itty Bitty lot this month, (not including Comp Positions).

14 sets available at $9.00 each as an add-on item. (No shipping alone).

Please post if you'd like to reserve one and then email for an invoice when you are ready. Thanks!

(Chelle, SeaJam, Tyvey, SpriteLeigh, Bella, Lainey,


I'm listing conservative numbers right now. there MIGHT be an extra bottle or two available in the end.



Jennifer's Big Cat Mojo

Alluring, warm and powerful is how I'd describe Black Cat's latest creation, featuring ingredients of sweet sandalwood and rich cocoa butter, drops of exotic saffron, and a splash of grapefruit. I stayed pretty faithful to her directions, I just made one tiny change. I tempered the grapefruit with black currant. I did this because grapefruit can completely take over a blend, so I split that with black currant which still has that gorgeous tang of excitement, but it also has some richness and maturity. I think the two round each other out quite nicely.

5 bottles available

(JLisa, SeaJam, StacyK, MDCherie, CycleKitten)

ALT: VVulcan, DDolls



Denise's Warm Hug

Denise asked for something that would feel like a warm hug, with Tea and Tonka as the centerpiece. Featuring cedarwood, black tea, tonka and white sugar - it came together beautifully. A tiny touch masculine because Tonka is akin to a boyish vanilla, esp combined with the cedarwood. In the end, what I feel from it is like a comforting hug from a masculine loved one. A very nice idea.

3 bottles available



Sydney's Embla

Sydney is a regular customer at the shop, a stunning young lady of Viking descent - thus the ode to her heritage of the name - the Norse equivalent of Eve, and the rune - which stands for "music". She is insistent that she does not care for girly scents and wanted something that is on the masculine side of unisex. We put together a list of notes and I went off to create it for her. When it was finished, I got nervous that it might have turned out too girly for her, so I made a second pass at it, cutting down the notes to the core. I presented both versions to choose from. She told me that she had been nervous that she wouldn't like it when it was done, but now was faced with the fact that she was madly in love with both of them. :lol: She ended up very happily buying a bottle of each. We used the same label for both, just with a V1 or V2 label on the cap.

Version 1:

Egyptian musk, white musk, amber musk, ylang ylang EO, neroli EO, non-foody vanilla, sweet sandalwood & Aja.

6 bottles available

(Memorare, Sydney


Version 2:

Egyptian Musk, white musk, neroli.

2 bottles available



David's Spicy Homme Variant

David came to me with an idea for spicing up our Love Potion: Homme scent, a very clever idea with an interesting set of additions.

We took our LP Homme recipe, which is a masculine version of Love Potion with a woody heart, and dressed it up for a night on the town with notes of cassia EO (cinnamon), anise, black pepper EO and peppery carnation. It definitely adds a ROAR! Nice work, David! (As with the original, this scent can be worn by both men and women.)

3 bottles available



Julie's Chupacabra

This is Julie's Savannah cat, Chupi! :lol: I'm dyin' here. What a cutie! Julie came into the shop for a bottle of Black Star Lavender, and loved it, but when she found out she could design her own scent and have Chupi on the label, well! Julie's blend features a body of black licorice, with soft and fuzzy vanilla musk and tomboy-ish tonka, adorned with tiny spots of precious labdanum and oud.

3 bottles available



Sophia's Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth

Sophia chose her ingredients well for her "seductive attraction potion". This one is filled with dark womanly sex appeal and determination for sure! Black orchid and tuberose over dirtiest honey, mouth watering vanilla and a drop of amber. I may have to steal one of these for myself. Divine!

7 bottles available

(JLisa, Bella, SprightLeigh,



Whiskers & Tails - April 2017

I order ingredients from suppliers all over the world, and many of them send itty samples along with my purchases. Too tiny to use as an actual ingredient, just a sniff. Once in a while I group them all together in like types and blend them - all odds and ends, thus whiskers and tails. I would like to make this a regular thing, and for this one, I chose a bunch of light and airy notes that I thought would be like a delicate spring breeze. I would classify it as a gauzy fruity floral, with notes of violet, gardenia, orchid, primrose, mango, strawberry, vanilla, honey and cardamom. That sounds heavy, but it's not. It's more in the sheer floriental vein, and I am making this first W&T offering at half our usual price.

10 bottles available at $12.50 each.

(Memorare, StacyK, Mouse,





Tyvey's Smoked HAM

A smokey take on the favorite combo of Honey-Amber-Musk! Orange blossom honey and Aja, deep amber and perfumey musk, swirled with woodsmoke.

3 bottles available

(Bella, JLisa, Chelle)

Last one available: DangerGarden



VIRGIN Compromising Positions

(not included in Itty Pack)

And yet again! :D

3 bottles available

(Blanche, SirenSong






These items sell smokin' fast in the shop, so I am going to hold aside 6 of each item for everyone here. Remember there is shipping cost attached to the purchase of B&B items, which can get quite heavy, (for example, a product may be 8 oz in volume but 14 oz in weight) so anticipate a $12.50 flat rate Priority box, but we'll try to keep it under that if possible.


Sugar Scrub - 8 oz jar - $12.00 (Bella, BlueBear,

Whipped Massage Butter - 4 oz jar - $14.95

Bathing Salts - 8 oz glass bottle - $17.95 or 8 oz plastic jar - $14.95 (Lainey,

Bath & Body Shampoo Bar - 6 oz - $6.50 (Luna, SpriteLeigh, Lainey, SprightLeigh

Vegan Glycerin Soap - 6 oz - $6.50 (SpriteLeigh,

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Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie New Release Party and Psychic Faire!

Party at the Perfumerie!
We're so excited for our next First Friday Party! In addition to our fabulous Limited Edition Perfumes for Spring, we are hosting a Psychic Faire! As always, admission is free and we'll stuff you full of delicious nibbles and libations and give you some free samples too!

We're got FIVE wonderful Oracles scheduled for the party:

Laura Clarson – noted Tarot Reader and Instructor, Astrologer and Author with 3 books on the subject!

Barbara McVey – a student of Doreen Virtue, Barbara does Angelic Channeling, Spirit Paintings, and
Oracle Readings!

Rebekah Sharpe – The multi-talented Rebekah offers Palmistry, Tarot and Past Life Readings!

Aine Sullivan – We can't wait to meet Aine (pronounced Ahn-ya), her forte is Crystal Ball Scrying!

Priestess Sekhmet – Inspirational Guidance via Tarot and Oracle Readings with Hoodoo flair!

Mini-readings are available from each Oracle for only $10 for 10 minutes! Visit them all to see who you love, and then you can schedule a full reading with any of them at a later date!

We had a blast at our last Psychic Faire and it was packed, so make sure to come early for readings! See you there! :D

Friday, April 7th, 2017
5:oo - 9:oo pm

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie & Gift Shoppe
703 Main St, Vancouver WA 98660
Phone: 360-695-3965


Social Media:





An extra special First Friday this month! It's raining poetry! Walk around downtown and discover all the poetry that's been printed onto the sidewalks with invisible ink that only shows up when it rains! There's a poem right outside our door! Here's a map to all the locations: http://www.vdausa.org/…/wp-content/uploads/Map-for-Crawl.pdf

Lots of exciting events happening in shops and galleries too. Here's a walking map. We're having a New Release Party for our GORGEOUS Spring Scents, and also a Psychic Faire! http://www.vdausa.org/…/wp-conte…/uploads/April-Hotsheet.pdf

Hope to see you Friday night! #dtvanwa
— at Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie.

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Eggs! :w00t: NRs look fabulous!


Once again I wish I were within a reasonable distance of your store. Crystal ball readings! That just sounds so flippin' cool!


I love the sidewalk poetry, too. I can't remember where I saw it the first time, but it said, "I'm only happy when it rains". I always wanted to steal that lyric and paint it on our front walk. :lol: I'm not only ​happy when it rains, but I'm happi​er ​when it rains. Seemed appropriate. :P


It's been raining cats and dogs here for days. Too bad our town hasn't done something like this. All the tourists who've been arriving steadily over the last week or so would really get a kick out of it! :D

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Cotton Candy Peach?? I don't even like peach that much, and I want this!!


Anti-Piggy redux? Yes, please!


Cacao Amor? Is that like Chocolate Orchid?!? *dies again*


Cherry Blossom Musk? NEED!


Blue Musk?!? OMG, my poor wallet...


Dying to know more about Whiskers & Tails!!!!


Magic sidewalk poetry - I can't wait to get up there!!!!!

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These look wonderful and I can't wait to see notes!!! Bravo Mara!!! I love floral scents and from the labels it seems there might be some floral loves in these NRs!!!! :D

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I only WISH I could teleport over there so I could go to the Psychic Faire. I'm an empath, and other empaths tend to read me easily (let me just say I've had previous experiences). Why does everything awesome have to be on the West Coast?! Except New York Comic Con. But other than that I live in a state famous for nuclear power plants.


Really, really curious about the notes in Embla. I'm a bit obsessed with runes and mystical symbols.

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Oh my! Such beautiful labels! I see so many I must know more about lol. And WF in spray?! That's a potent potion! I still have it in oil. Trying to imagine a spray impact :D

Potion Master, you've been VERY busy!!!

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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! :cat690: :cat690: :cat690: :cat690: :cat690:


Egg Collection is brilliant! I am seeing so many evocative names and some of my favorite pheros making an appearance.... woot, Blue Rose, are you kidding me! And Cacao D'Amor, Petals of Silk..... can't wait for notes and magical scribing!


And my PE label is PERFECTION!!! I am so excited for this -- I completely understand why PEs needed to be on hiatus with all the rush of Christmas and Pherotine but oh my! I've been sitting on this one a while and I can't believe it's actually going to be here!


ETA: Also dying to know what the final decision was on notes!!!!!!


ETA II: I sense you may be getting a request for me to change my avi pic to that fantastic Snow Leopard.... :purr:

Edited by Black Cat
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Looks great! Can't wait to see the notes!

Edited by quietguy
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Is blue rose a nod to Twin Peaks?!

Not specifically, no. One of the names is a pop culture reference, though.

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Not specifically, no. One of the names is a pop culture reference, though.


Luna, you mean Sunshine Of Your Love?


Mara, I love the labels and egg concept on them. Beautiful!


I think about that discontinued scent, Anti-Piggy, a lot when I am "eating because I'm bored at work" and wonder if it does have magical properties. Can't wait to smell that one. The name Cherry Blossom Musk caught my eye as well. I just wore Sugared Cherry Blossom for the first time the other day and it was so pretty. I love musks! I have another scent with thyme in it that I really like (can't remember which one). Since there is no "Sugared Thyme", I'm interested in that one. And wondering what Sunshine Of Your Love will smell like -- hopefully Mara's version of sunshine!


Ahhh...I still haven't made it through the Pherotine sampler yet!


I wish I lived close enough to the attend the party. So much incredible effort and creativity is put into them. Have fun!

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Just got home from the party - we didn't shut down until 11pm. That was INSANE!!!! I think that was the most people in the shop ever. The readers were shocked at the swampage. Shocked. One of the new readers, Aine, she actually brought a book with her. She said most Psychic Faires are slow and she thought she'd be reading all night. BAHAHAHAAAAAAA! We went through EIGHT GALLONS of punch and 30 pounds of ice and had to run out and buy more. Crazy!!! It's lucky the cops didn't show up until after 10 and it had started to thin out, :lol:, I think the Fire Marshals would have shut us down.


Just a few pix - taken by Lupita and Marc, as soon as the doors opened. It got so crazy after that we had no time....















We had a Spring Easter-y theme. I put cute little stuffed animals on all the readers' tables to give to kids or to people who needed a hug after their reading. I saw a few people walking around with tears in their eyes clutching fluffy lambs. I shouldn't laugh, but - :lol:





Lupita saying: "Do you want your punch with Magic or without?" (The "magic" is rum and vodka.) ;)




We had at least double the turnout since the last Psychic Faire, so I feel like we are starting to get known around here.


Snoopy, Rose, LadyV....I'm looking at you. Come on over, let's do it!!!!

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Well, aside from Blue Rose, there's one song and one tv show (I loved that, it was such escapism) , so I'm not sure which one, I'm guessing it's the Cream, Luna?


The party looks brilliant, as always, as does the punch! I wish again, as always, that I could come to


Can't I tempt you with a UK store?!!!

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Oh these look AMAZING!!

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YESSSS!!! Already placed my order. FB of Anti-Piggy and FB of Sunshine of Your Love! I would regret it if I didn't get these two in FBs. Sunshine of Your Love sounds close to perfection in a bottle to me. Yummy! Can't wait! ❤❤❤


ETA: AND AS ALWAYS, that party looks amazing!

Edited by tink333
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And...the New Releases are UP! :D


I am going to update this post with the PEs tomorrow as I have a couple more latecomers to add.

Will also give info for all the B&B items.


Thanks and Enjoy! :D

Oh good, I was just going to ask about prices for the B&B stuff :)



Oh holy crap - I just saw the rebrew of Smoked HAM - please save one of those for me!!!!!

I've been hoarding my 4 little sniffees for years, lol

Edited by Bella15
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