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David's Spicy Homme Variant

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David came to me with an idea for spicing up our Love Potion: Homme scent, a very clever idea with an interesting set of additions.

We took our LP Homme recipe, which is a masculine version of Love Potion with a woody heart, and dressed it up for a night on the town with notes of cassia EO (cinnamon), anise, black pepper EO and peppery carnation. It definitely adds a ROAR! Nice work, David! (As with the original, this scent can be worn by both men and women.)

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Ok, 1st impression; very sweet, but still masculine. After 10 minutes the LP Homme base shines through accented w/ the spicy notes. Given my love of Eanie Meany Miney & Rajah, this is a home run for me. I would have my nose buried in the neck of the man wearing this, constantly.

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The Homme base is in the center of this for me, so I'm loving that characteristic mingling with the carnation and spice. For me it's kind of a more bold take on something like Dianthus, for example. There's just that whisper of sweetness hovering above, though the other notes are deep and resonant. After a time, though, that sweet woody ambery vibe of Homme comes to dominate on my skin, at least.


I would definitely both wear this and absolutely adore smelling it on a guy!

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