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Cotton Candy Peach Fresh Bath & Body Indulgences


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We've got lots of new yumminess to enjoy and I've tried a bit of it myself, so this thread is to review one or more of the current selections if you've tried them.

Sugar Scrub

Whipped Massage Butter

Bathing Salts

Bath & Body Shampoo Bar

Vegan Glycerin Soap

First of all, of course, I freakin' love this scent, which of course I expressed in my review of the perfume.

Whipped Massage Butter

I received a sample of this and like with the other varieties of this blend I've tried I love it! The pumpkin seed butter formula seems even more moisturizing for some reason.

B&B Shampoo Bar

Mara told me I would like this one and I do! My first thought is to say this would make a really good travel item, like, for weekend travel - fewer things to put in the baggie! It works like a shampoo/conditioner combo would for your hair and is very softening for the skin, the lather is so thick and rich! This bar is pretty heavy and Mara told me I could cut a piece off, which I would recommend if you're a butterfingers in the shower like I am. I've used shampoo bars before but only in the sample size, so there's a bit of a learning curve for me, but the nicest effect is that my hair actually feels like it has a bit more body to it, compared to my usual regimen. So I'd recommend you give it a try if you're curious, if nothing else it's like a really creamy moisturizing body wash.

I also received a sample of the Bathing Salts, but I haven't tried those yet. And I've used other varieties of the sugar scrub, which is totally faboo, so I'm longing for a new jar now.

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I used the sugar scrub and it is fabulous!!! A little goes a long way! It foams up nicely and rinses clean, leaving me smooth and moisturized. Made the bathroom smell fabulous and left my skin gently scented, light enough to not be obtrusive. (Of course, I added my perfume oil over it!). Love this stuff!

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I have the shampoo bar, and I LOVE it! Luna is right, it is perfect for travel, no leaks all over your clothes and stuff, no TSA fretting if it's regulation, just pop it in a zip baggie, and away you go! And it smells AMAZING.


I have to admit, I was a little concerned using this on my hair, because it's long and fine, and tangles easily. It makes an outrageously thick lather that rinses clean, but leaves it with just the right amount of moisture. I especially love that my bar is embossed with a dragonfly, a favorite of my late best friend. :hearts04276:

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