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Don's Hoxergy

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Don is another local model! Nope, he and Melissa had no idea the other came in for a perfume, just coincidence, tho they do know each other. And let me tell you, every time he walks into the shop, all the girls go weak in the knees. Serious hottie. ok, ok, stop being distracted, ahem. Don asked for a scent based around Acai berry, and what we came up with is a gorgeous unisex perfume with velvety musky Myrrh as a base, the slightly tart (and not too sweet) Acai berry under the spotlight, and a tiny smidge of peppery orange blossom on the side. Hoxergy is Don's word, and he pronounces it like Honor-gy. A combination of Honor and Integrity. :)


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This is sooooooo niiiiiiice! Much like Don himself, I must say. :D


Fruit and resins are always a dream team, though I would have said I'm not the biggest fan of acai berry as a fruit note in fragrance but the acai berry and the myrrh are perfect together and I kind of get a whiff of the orange blossom on top, just sort of accenting the other notes. It's an intriguing combination of qualities: uplifting and earthy, fresh and sultry. I tend to think the ladies might like it better than the fellahs but everyone should give it a try!

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I don't like ANY of the notes in this but when I put it on I went "Ooooo." Yet again this is why you try EVERYTHING on. It was intriguing from beginning to end. I could not have named a single note to save my life - all I knew was FROOT. It smelled very dead-even unisex on me. A tiny bit of edge from I assume the acai, which is not obvious as itself – it does read as freshness more than anything. Smooth and opaque - it smelled like a rich opaque yellow on me most of the way. It wore pretty close and had disappeared within 3 hours, though I was sweating so maybe it burned off more quickly than normal.

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