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Sophia's Wayward Sisters of Lady MacBeth


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Sophia presents Act II of her Macbeth series this month, a bewitching brew featuring the glamorous Tuberose, sharing the stage with the more demure but just as lovely, Jasmine! Supporting players include Bourbon Vanilla and Cardamom EO! This will get anyone's cauldron bubbling!

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The Wayward Sisters are very well blended. It's hard to pick out a single note with this one. I'm getting a perfume that's got a warm sweetness w/ a touch of spice, the jasmine shimmers in & out, whilst tuberose is a quiet pervasive presence minding her business in the background.

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This is so pretty...the tuberose and jasmine blend together in a lovely way, neither is overpowering the other. They're not rival sisters, more like sisters who are each secure in their own attractiveness and acknowledge the beauty of their sibling. I get a bit of booziness from the vanilla but it doesn't detract from the overall vibe of heady floral loveliness.

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