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The name means Double Salt, and I made this for a customer who "likes interesting smells" :lol: It came to me that sea water and licorice would make a really cool combo, and maybe be like double salted licorice - which tastes awful but smells great. So for this I used anise oil and black licorice extract on a bed of white musk, and blended that with a mix of sea weed and ozone. The result is quite wonderful and more perfumey than you might expect. A salty musk with a splash of licorice on top. Definitely unisex, clean, slightly aquatic. A unique summer blend!

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I went for this one first with the private editions because of my intense dislike of black licorice, especially this kind. This is the PE that I especially want to give a fair shot, lol. In the vial, it smells exactly like that horrible candy. This makes it hard for me to get past because I have a strong sense of smell/taste, but I persevered & applied to my skin. On my skin, the black licorice decided to aggressively amp up & I was feeling slightly nauseous, but at last the breezy sea note broke free to rescue my nose! Indeed, Doppelsalz ultimately becomes an aquatic w/ an herbal tinge. I think this would smell really nice on a man. For me, I personally can't get past the initial blast of that candy because of how intensely I dislike it, but I would like Doppelsalz if I could remove that first part of it.

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Unhhh... ???


The first time I wore this, my son said I smelled good (not typical, LOL).

Tonight when I tried it on, I got a lot of licorice at first. (I love licorice) But after it dried down, it was more salty sea air. Very evocative, and I am dying for beachy scents right now!

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This is utterly fascinating. Yes it's very recognizably black licorice up front - and how - but salty licorice. I realize that's what it says on the tin. But I hadn't gotten my brain around it AT ALL til trying it. It's like an interesting math problem that you just want to think about all day. Sniffed it constantly. Its mood is fairly serious on me, in a way that it'd be at home in a boardroom.


Wet it wasn't masculine OR feminine or "unisex" on me. It just was what it was. It made me think of Cruella de Vil's hair and general color scheme.


During drydown it turned more "unisex" in a very upscale Italian way. I don't know how else to explain it. It evoked a gorgeous black-haired male Italian fashion model in exquisitely cut custom oxford linen shirt and pants in the summer at a beach resort. It didn't smell masculine really - it just was the scent equivalent of that person, and he would TOTALLY wear this and slay. Hard to explain. I know he's not Italian, but like this:


I don't tend to like masculine or even unisex scents on me but loved this.

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Smelling this for the first time on me makes me realize that I have tried salmiak before - I can't remember where or when - but I had one of those Proustian moments so I have tasted it.


Moving on, I love anise/licorice scents so I definitely enjoyed that aspect of it, even combined with the saltiness. I do actually enjoy saltiness as a characteristic in a scent when I feel like it's congruent. When it is the leading characteristic, that is when I tend not to be so enthusiastic. But as others have noted, eventually the sea air aspect of it takes over. Like, let's say, if you were at the beach eating some licorice and then you stepped outside onto the balcony and you get hit with that bracing clean wind off the sea. There's a definite shift in evocation.


And definitely unisex, yes. Conceptually I tend to think this is something that a man would prefer, but if you like that herbal "bite" which anise has then this is something you should try.


ETA: the white musk does give it a sort of perfume-y quality in the long drydown.

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