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Thinning the Catalogue - Discontinued Blends....

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Just catching up on this thread! Was wondering how I got lucky enough to get 2 bottles of H&S! Honestly thought they were 2 of the last 3, but it looks like more were made! I like Treasured Hearts, but it lacks the components that make H&S so great for me. TH is a fun blend where H&S is an awesome bonding blend. Understand if it needs to go at some point, but glad it wasn't quite yet :lol:
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Ok, I just listed 12 more bottles of Heart & Soul. I'm getting emails about it too. You all talked me into it.


Mara is clearly a good mama to all of us. And we are spoiled brats, the most obvious sign of a good loving mama!


I ordered my H&S a while ago, and TH around the same time. I'm sorry I can't remember exactly who said it on the forum, maybe Dolly (?), but they said TH was for "sorority sisters" and H&S was for closer friends. That's kind of how I use them, but I also think I do better with H&S. If/when I see my ex-MIL again I will be dripping in TH! When I'm seeing her daughter, that I love, I wear H&S. Instead of in-laws, we call each other "Sister Out Laws" instead of in-laws.

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