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Poll: Which pheromone has gotten YOU more FAVORS? Let's have some fun!

Which pheromone blend has gotten you the most favors?  

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  1. 1. Pick the blend that has garnered the most favors - For women

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Idk if this helps/counts, any, but wearing Sensual Harmony/LFM, I got offered more hours at work. It's interesting bc my boss almost never sees me, but I seem to have been making a good impression, esp. since I started wearing 'mones around him, so, idk? (this is not to say I wear them for the man, just that, sometimes, he'll come around and (especially since I've started my experiment) I'll be wearing them). 


I have noticed, recently, that LFM seems to make me more approachable /seem kinder, I guess. I have pretty intense RBF, walking around or daydreaming in line and someone seemed to think I looked friendly enough for a short chat, today. That's the most recent example I can think of, though. 

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Magnet has gotten me discounts (as recounted in the magnet thread yesterday. I was closing tabs and decided to comment here since I'd nearly forgotten about the thread).

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3 hours ago, FlowerPower said:

Sure...any requests?

Bang, Bang!, Classy Dame, and Charisma would be good!

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