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Hello everyone.


I bought my first LPMP perfume 2-3 years ago and have been reading the forum as a non-member for just about as long. Finally decided to stop lurking, be brave, and join in. :)


I didn't think I liked perfume that much, but it turns out I'm just not a fan of most commercial fragrances. With Mara's creations though, what started out as one bottle soon became an addiction (as so often happens around here.)


Another thing I like about LPMP is how they list so many of the perfume's notes. I have several fragrance allergies/sensitivities and it has really helped me avoid certain scents (anything with lavender, e.g.) and more readily pinpoint triggers. (It was either the hay or the heather in Bonnie, which is a shame, because it was absolutely beautiful until I couldn't breathe.)


LPMP has also helped me widen my perfume horizons. There are a lot of scents I never thought I would like, until Mara worked her magic, and suddenly I do. I now find myself looking forward to foodie and cotton candy scents in addition to the greens, aquatics, and florals I tend to favor.


Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I'm excited to be here. (I'm hoping to post some reviews soon because I may or may not already have an entire file at home full of my personal reviews to help me keep track like the dork I am.) :)

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Hi Greenappletart! Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you join in the fun!

Mara's scents are certainly addictive, and yes, the listing of the notes is very helpful with regards to allergies. It's also pretty interesting to test something with a note you think you don't like, only to have the scent turn out to be a favorite, despite the normally disliked note.

I'll be looking forward to reading your reviews! And you're definitely not a dork for keeping track. A lot of us keep track of all sorts of scent & phero-related things here. I know I do! :)

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Welcome! It is a great community and I agree, the perfumes and all the other goodies are amazing...


Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences. :)

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