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Cotton Candy Peach B&B


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Cotton Candy Peach

For our beloved conjurers who are always thinking Pink - we’ve got more of what you love! In this case it’s a fresh and juicy pink peach scent...flowery and tangy varieties of peach sweetened with three types of spun sugar accord, deepened with a base of vanilla bean...mmm, so fabulously fruity you’ll want to lather madly!

Available in:

Aloe-Enriched Vegan Glycerin Soap

Shampoo Bar

Bathing Salts


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I got the shampoo bar because I am tired of my #3 using a whole bottle of shampoo on her head at one time. Three girls all with long blonde hair and shampoo doesn't last long. This bar was easy to use. It wasn't the slimy sudsy feel of shampoo..but still plenty of suds. I even tried it. I have thick, fine, dry hair..that always seems to look frizzy not smooth. It really cleaned. My hair seemed smoother and the smell again was amazing. This will be a repurchase for me. I wish I could describe the smell. I could make out the peach...all I can say is LOVELY.

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