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Cedar & Sandalwood B&B


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"This unisex scent is sure to please all our discerning witches and wizards, a richly-crafted melange of authentic cedar and sandalwood with just a touch of teak, and resinous accents of vetiver and sweetgrass.

Available in:
Vegan Glycerin African Black Soap

Whipped Cream soap"

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I have used the African Black Soap for a few days now, and this scent is SO GOOD. To me it's more masculine than unisex but those ladies who like masculine-type scents would probably enjoy this one. It's just so...ummmm in the way only a wood-based scent can be. I feel lame to be using the same terms I normally do, but smooth, rich and deep is perfectly apt.


But guys, get this bar soap, at least - I have used African Black Soap for years for my face and it's good stuff. The only thing I'd caution is that this particular soap is very slippery when wet, so just be careful in the sink/shower that it doesn't get away from you.

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I got the Whipped Cream soap version of this scent. It smells SO AMAZING!!! It reminds me of the saunas I used to take as a kid. We had one in our home. The walls, ceiling, and benches were all cedar. There was usually fresh cedar branches placed on top of the stove rocks, which was also where the water would be thrown to create steam, and it would create a steamy fresh cedar smell in the air. It was also a medicinal thing. This is like the very best version of that sauna bottled up and made into a soap. Soapy cedar sauna soap. It's so beautiful. I love when scents bring me to a place like this. :heart:

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