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Cocoa Butter & Honey B&B


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"An enduring favorite of our local magical folk, better grab some before it flies off the shelves! A delicious melding of numerous types of creamy cocoa butter and sensual honey, this is the perfect pampering fragrance for all your skin-softening desires!

Available in:

Superfine Butter Scrub

Skyclad Buttersilk - Whipped Body Butter

Astral Travel Bathing Salts"

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I have this in the Skyclad Buttersilk. It is every bit as decadent as the lemon buttercream. The fragrance is quite cocoa-buttery. On me it smells a lot like Velvet Kisses. Very yummy (but the Lemon Buttercream is still my favorite) I will definitely use this jar up, and would consider getting it again in the future, especially if no more of the Lemon Buttercream is created (it is currently sold out) I love love love how moisturizing these skyclad whipped body butters are!


Edited to add that after the initial cocoa blast, the honey does show up, and is the perfect honey for my skin chemistry. This is so nice!

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