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Love Potion: Herbal B&B


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"Any magical being worth their spells knows of the deep abiding magic of herbal lore, which can now be experienced in your bath or shower courtesy of our Love Potion: Herbal soap. This brisk and refreshing collection of herbal essential oils - lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, cypress and myrrh - is a perfect partner for our lushly-lathering glycerin hemp soap base. Its’ naturally deodorizing properties may eliminate the need for deodorant if used daily.

Available in

Hemp and Vegan Glycerin Soap"

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I love this soap. It lathers up really well but the best part about it is the scent. It is a super herbally (yep, made up that word) and truly refreshing. I love this type of scent for a soap to clear the mind and cleanse the soul (and skin and deodorize etc...). I have this sort of obsession with soaps and currently have about 6-10 different soaps in rotation in my shower. This is now one of my "main" soaps and is always within arms reach for me.  

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