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Myrrh Merlot B&B


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"Witches know of the poison apple, but what of the "poison" grape? This element lends a voluptuously sensual mood to our purple musk scent - dark syrupy grapes and smooth sexy myrrh sheathed in velvety soft musk.

Available in:
Vegan Glycerin & Cocoa Butter Soap

Shampoo Bar

Concentrated Perfume Oil

Whipped Cream soap"

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I am so curious about these. Anyone ever used a shampoo bar before. Sounds great. Might be a solution to my little girl squeezing all my shampoo out everywhere. She is 6 and all about washing her "OWN" hair.

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Yes I love these! They make a great lather and help my hair to have more body/texture than before (my hair is thinning now that I'm old). It's a bit of a learning curve using a bar versus liquid shampoo but once you get hang of lathering it on your head it's fine. I really don't want to go back to liquid shampoo now that I've tried Mara's recipe.

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OMG I purchased the Whipped Cream Soap in Myrrh Merlot and it is SO FANTASTIC! I love it so much! It is so soft and luxurious. You really only need to use a tiny amount of it and it lathers up so well in a loofah. It leaves a hint of the scent on my skin and I can still wear any type of perfume afterwards if I want to. It is great for my sensitive and dry skin too. I want to try all of them now.

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