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Jeannine's Orange Grove


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An authentic memory of growing up amongst the orange groves of California, where the scent of oranges, watered greenery and sunshine permeated the air for miles around! Crafted of neroli and tangerine essential oils, fresh cuts greens and a smidge of freshly turned earth.

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I really like this one, not only for its' citrusy sunshine, but it also makes me think of Pleasure Valley in its' evocation of a garden with citrus.


I grew up in a California town which did have orange groves (when I was a kid) and one of the main streets is even called Orange Grove Ave., but I can't say I'm that familiar with the actual smell, but I'll trust it is true. I do get the neroli most of all, mingling with the fresh-cut greens accord and there is just the slightest tang of earth way down in the bottom. It does have a very three-dimensional quality to it overall. I think it's nicely unisex in that it's fresh and tangy but it's not really sweet.

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