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Hello LPMP, Introducing Myself...


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So I'm over in St. Augustine on a quick vacation.. I went to the fountain of youth and I took my brita water bottle to, you guessed it, take a drink and look this good forever ... The brita filter worked well and really took away all of the heavy sulfur taste as a bonus.


...Unfortunately it also must have removed the ingredient that insures eternal youth, as today I am still getting older.....


At least I will continue to SMELL great with all of Mara's colognes/pheromones I own...


I was previously married for 12 years and had many girlfriends without the use of any pheromone product. In 2009 I started using them regularly for fun.


Behind the scenes most recently I have assisted Chris of Alpha Dream with creating and beta testing a new limited edition version of Alfa Maschio (AM NOS), a personal project of mine to bring back a modified version of the formula and original ethanol/pg base used last in very popular product like old mag prior to 2012 to do something nice for the pheromone community. It used the old vendor pheromone stock as well for authenticity and why its limited. https://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/9/6/8/1/0/0/webimg/973346188_o.png. I also worked with Jonnyo who is a partner of Garry of LAL to add ISOESUPER to their newest product for several reasons after beta testing and providing feedback, and testing two new scents. Those are the last two.


Love all the product here, and Mara is a sweetheart. Heres what I have:

Unphero'd scents full bottles: Bad Boy, Tonka Musk, Excalibur, Love Potion Homme, Merlin's Blend, UN, Love Potion #9, Bloodroot, North Pole 2017


Scented: Time Travel: 1969 w/Open Windows FB, Libertine w/Hunter Trapper, Alaric w/Wanted Man FB, Voracious w/Wanted Man spray FB, Pashazade w/Heart Throb FB, Smooth Operator w/Heart Throb FB, Mark's Girls Nip w/Perfect Match, Super w/Super Sexy for Men spray FB, Super w/Super Sexy for men oil FB, Xavier w/Super Sexy for Men FB, Kingmaker w/Charisma, Edmund w/Swimming with Sharks FB


Unscented: Wanted Man, Hunter Trapper, Heart Throb, Wanted Man/Perfect Match Variant

Sheer Essence, Aja
Some Samples: Heavy Metal w/Hunter Trapper, Teekayoh w/Charisma, Elementals: All, Animism V1
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Welcome to the forum!


I was just at St. Augustine in August. Bought some "stuff" at the distillery. Like you, I seem to be immune to the magic of the Fountain of Youth haha!


Many of us have pheromone products from other sources as well. I have several from both of those vendors although Mara's products are my day to day Go To's.


You have a good mix of products from LP too. Quite a few of those are very high on my personal list: Xavier w/Super Sexy for Men, Kingmaker w/Charisma, Edmund w/SWS, Pashazade w/Heart Throb, Smooth Operator w/Heart Throb, Heavy Metal w/Hunter Trapper, Teekayoh w/Charisma. Haha - I guess most of them!


Again - welcome!

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I was just at St. Augustine in August. Bought some "stuff" at the distillery. Like you, I seem to be immune to the magic of the Fountain of Youth haha!

Wait! You didn't get eternal youth also? It WASN'T just the amazing filtration power of the brita water filter??
The Fountain Of Youth is a... a... scam???!? Figures. Ponce De Leon was also credited sometimes with 'discovering' Florida, but he simply landed in an area that had been ALREADY inhabited by people for a very long time. He wasn't even the first European to explore the area...
Don't worry. I'm in a good place right now. No, not emotionally.... I'm at the distillery.. Guess I will just have to pick up some "stuff"... :cheers04251:
Thanks Ladies also for the welcome... And yes, Mara's blends do really work well and you will find everything you need with LPMP.
I normally go for the 'romantic' type relationship products, more like perfect match. But the sexuals here are amazing. They make me so alpha my skin turned plaid. One of my hands transformed into an axe, the other one turned into a beer, and I impregnated every woman in a 3 mile radius. I smell so manly now I may have actually impregnated myself.
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