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Hi everyone!


Thea here from the Philippines. Got here thru the recommendation of NuTrix when I joined another forum researching pheromones. So today I finally received my package of the following items:


1. Cougar Scented spray

2. LFM UN spray

3. Cuddle Musk w/ Perfect Match roll on

4. Like a Magnet Original roll on

5. Betrothal roll on

6. Love Potion: Red roll on


Trial freebies:

Totem: Horse

Totem: Monkey


Out of the box I can definitely say I like the smell Cougar, Cuddle Musk and Totem: Monkey. I read somewhere here that I should probably let the bottles rest after travel. After all they travelled quite far - Washington to California to Manila lol. I splurged on full bottles as shipping to my country is quite expensive, almost the price of a full bottle. Also, I didn't want to risk bottle breakage since trials are more fragile. On that note, I commend the LPMP staff for the packaging. No broken bottles, yay!


I'm so excited to test these in the coming weeks and share my thoughts in this forum as well :)

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Welcome! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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