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Animals and pheros

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Animals definitely like me more if Im wearing cops.



My cats get extra sniffy if im wearing cops. But I've never noticed a response to other pheros.


Thanks, guys!


Have you ever seen/experienced animals reacting BADLY to any pheros?

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My cats react to cops.


I've noticed that dogs (and small children) seem to like me an awful lot when I'm wearing Heart & Soul and Lumina.


I've never had an animal react badly to pheros I'm wearing - at least, not that I know of.

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I have a cat phero collar on my male cat who was pissed I got a male kitten, he seems way calmer. Then I got a "multi cat" plug-in for my house, not sure if it worked. The collar is killer, though.

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 I have two cats that can hear/sense me making my bed from far away and absolutely must do anything they can to foil my progress. Sometimes I don't mind and sometimes I have to lock them out of my bedroom. Both BF and daughter now jump diagonally across bed, face down, under sheets or blankets as I'm throwing them across bed, if they can time it right. They call it "pulling a John Snow." 

I've now noticed another reliable cat pattern, my cat Charlie will always appear, full of big fluffy purrs, whenever I'm wearing B2.2 or Balm Bomb. I think both of those have Androstadienone, DHEAS, and alpha-androstenol. SS4W also seemed to bring her running and that had alpha-androstenol, DHEAS & androstanone. I'm sure the male pheros are the draw, but I wonder if DHEAS is also her jam? Maybe I'll spray some on myself tomorrow and see what happens. 


I think I wish I had enough free time for isolated single molecules testing on my cats, but maybe it's better that I don't. 

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