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New Releases for DECEMBER 2017! ~ Happy ALL the Holidays! :)

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Theme song for the set. :)


Time, time, time, see what's become of me....





Time, time, time...see what's become of me.


So speaking of such things, who can identify each of the time (or space) pieces used?




It definately shall help during the hazy shade of winter Luna..... Your not getting older btw, your just increasing in value...


Lady rockers may probably like this Bangles version of Hazy Shade Of Winter.... Thats the other version I thought of when seeing Luna's quote from the song.... And of course makeout kissing in the video, and who doesn't like that :kisses:



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FYI - just added new Phero enhanced Wax Melts to Etsy, and will be posting soaps next. :)


Here's a list of new Wax:


Sun Shower + Levitation
Rose City + Open Windows
Midnight Moonlight + Perfect Match
Sprites of Salmon Creek + Teddy BB
Garland + Lace
Man Cave + Heart Throb
Luxurious + Super Sexy for Women
Ashes to Dust + Alpha Nol

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They're gorgeous! I waaaaaant them! Especially the Muse of Main St. But I want Winter Wonderland too. AND all of the coffee scented wax melts... and the Lemon Cake scented wax melts!



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All of the soap scents came out glorious, but Muse of Main St. and Spider Silk are my faves!!

Seriously, Mara spoils us with these awesome B&B creations. *sigh* :love::heart:

I got my shipping notice yesterday! Obsessively checking status (as is my habit) I went so far as to order a new soap dish for the shower for it. It deserves to not get all puddly and gooey!

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Is the ph of shampoo bars okay to use as regular soap... I can{t add question mark because my keyboard is possessed today. ...(finally figured out alternate keys to use for the parenthesis. but the q mark is lost until I cave in and reboot I fear.)

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Yep! The shampoo bars are good for head to toe and also excellent for shaving.

Which is awesome because they're also to die for. Better scents than the typical soap/shampoo.


I noticed that although I bought the last bath bar in the Muse of Main St, (yay for me!) that there are more in that scent in the shampoo bars :)

Eve, I have used the shampoo bars on hair and skin and they're faboo!



Thank you both for taking time to answer.

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The goats milk bath soap (Muse of Main St) is one of the most luxurious, and silky moisturizingly(probably not an actual word) comforting soaps I've ever used, and that's not even talking about the scent,which is divine! My skin is so dry year round, and when in the dead of winter, like we are now, I'm usually so uncomfortable after a hot shower! You know how it is, a hot steamy shower feels good while you're in there, and then once you're out, its all itchy burning unhappy skin (at least for me). NOT the case with this soap. True, it is soap, it can only do so much, but it does not dry me out, and it just feels so good!


I love the scent, it is not overpowering, and is yummy!

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