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Private Editions for JANUARY 2018

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There certainly seems to be a theme this month - comfort food and snuggle scents dominated the requests!


Apologies to those who have been waiting a month or more. I got hit with a bad flu in December, and after a bout, I need an additional couple of weeks for my sniffer to recover properly. I hope you all feel these were worth the wait, every one came out great!



There are 7 PEs this month, so Itty sets are $8.00 each, and I have 10 available, please post if you'd like one, thanks!.

10 Itty Sets available

(Luna, Halo, SeaJam, Chelle, CheshireKitten, BelleVille, Beccah, Bella, Caylle x2)




Witty Kitty's Snuggle

Witty Kitty asked for "a simplified, non-phero mix of two of my favorite snuggly scents, Bosom Bows and Unisexy." I did exactly that and I think it actually came out really close to the earliest brews of Unisexy. Practically everyone enjoys this kind of cozy snuggle scent! Comprised of 3 kinds of vanilla blended with sandalwood, oak, and a drop of maple sugar.

3 bottles available

(SeaJam, StacyK, JLisa)



Kara's Devour Me

Sweet, sexy and alluring, this is a fluffy foody creamy lavender scent that might make your man want to lick you all over! A mixture of vanilla, buttercream, marshmallow fluff and a lick of cocoa butter whipped up with little sprinkles of lavender and creamy ylang ylang on top and a dollop of sweet musk and amber in the base.

4 bottles available

(BlueBear, SeaJam, Caylee,



Jasmine's Warm & Cozy

Another soft and cozy warm everyone-loves-me scent! Fuzzy soft lavender and vanilla with a wee layer of amber, musk and patch in the base.

9 bottles available

(Halo, Tinkerbelle



Carolyn's Winter Queen

This one was really fun to make and will be fun to wear too! Carolyn asked for something womanly and queenly and based on Frozen's Elsa. She wanted it minty cold but left the rest to me, so weeeeeee! Crafted of Winter pear, pine, peppermint, plum and edelweiss, with frosted sugar on top and powdery white amber in the base.

4 bottles available



Eve's Temptation

Designed by forum member Eve, her tempting scent is a delicious foody floral framed around rich decadent chocolate and yummy cupcake orange, with sweet musk in the base, and single drops of red rose attar, clove bud EO, chewy amber and benzoin, which give it a sensual body and dimension. Prrreow.

4 bottles available

(SeaJam, Catlee,



Cheryl's Short Story

Cheryl's Short Story is a sexy tale of romance, but one of compassion too. She wanted to make it very clear that all of her ingredients were to be vegan, so we brewed her sexy chocolate honey musk scent using plant derived musks and Aja, blended with dark chocolate and cocoa butter and sweet amber in the base. Aja is a plant hormone that encourages pollination, smells like sweet sticky honey and can last a couple of days on the skin...it's a major ingredient in this blend, so be aware you may be more lickable than you intended the day after as well. ... And they lived happily ever after. The End.

6 bottles available




Mike's Havana on Earth

Definitely a gent scent, this one is in the family of the power fougeres so popular in the 80's, which I remember with great fondness and moistness. ;) Crafted on a fern-y fougere accord base, surrounded by notes of warm sandalwood and tobacco leaf. Confident and manly with good throw, an excellent phero carrier. Mike had his bottles boosted with Wanted Man and Charisma.

2 bottles available.

(QuietGuy, Eastwood)

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I am over the moon! This is my very first PE!


Mara may be a perfume artist, but she truly works magic. My label is better than I dared hope it would be. I can't wait to see how the fragrance turned out. Thank you! :kiss43::Love09751::say09752::hugs-and-kisses:

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So Warm & Cozy sounds AWESOME!


So is an itty set like a sampler set of PEs? I have never bought one before. Can we buy samples of the PEs or the itties only?


Now I am also kinda loving the idea of Devour Me and Cheryl's Short Story.

Edited by Tinkerbelle
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Yes, the itty set includes sniffies of all of the PEs released for a particular month. But they're just available in the sniffie size. Trial vials are for catalog scents only.

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For Tinkerbelle, and others not yet familiar, the PE Itties look like this:




1/2 an ml of each scent, with a plain typed label. It's minimal packaging, we make less than nothing on these sets, we offer them as a courtesy for our loved ones here. It's an ADD-ON item, meaning it must ship with an order as there's no postage worked into the price..

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So I may only be able to swing one FB.....sooooo.....


I am trying to choose between Devour Me and Warm & Cozy. I really love scents like Red, Phero Girl, Sugared Honeycomb.... if you had to choose one for me, which would you choose???

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There's not a direct correlation with any of those I would say, but I think the difference between the two is probably Kara's Devour Me is more of a gourmand type scent. It seems like Jasmine's Warm & Cozy would be less sweet.

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