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Cheryl's Short Story


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Cheryl's Short Story is a sexy tale of romance, but one of compassion too. She wanted to make it very clear that all of her ingredients were to be vegan, so we brewed her sexy chocolate honey musk scent using plant derived musks and Aja, blended with dark chocolate and cocoa butter and sweet amber in the base. Aja is a plant hormone that encourages pollination, smells like sweet sticky honey and can last a couple of days on the skin...it's a major ingredient in this blend, so be aware you may be more lickable than you intended the day after as well. ... And they lived happily ever after. The End.

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This is a scent definitely after my own tastes (having requested my own chocolate honey musk PE - Burnished Cacao - in tribute to Deliciously Wicked years ago) and I think it's really sexy - and as Mara notes, the Aja is the most prominent element in the mix, so if you especially enjoy Aja from a fragrance perspective then you will like this one for sure. The sweetness of the other notes sort of float around the Aja, weaving in and out of it and I can pick them out but at the same time the cumulative effect is really nice. It also has a chocolate-amber aspect to it (yet another combo I love). The musk doesn't have a specific weight to me but I do get that stickiness I tend to associate with a musk basenote. And this is sticky for sure, it blooms with wear but it starts out pretty intense and keeps that same intensity for many hours.


I'll say again that I think you really have to like the scent of Aja to appreciate this one. But if you do I highly recommend it!

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Got this in the sale. Right now all I can say is: OMG this is like Cacao Amor! Not the same, but it has that same feeling. Aja can be temperamental on me, but it's just sweet honeyed goodness here. Perfect nighttime scent!

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