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Eve's Temptation


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Designed by forum member Eve, her tempting scent is a delicious foody floral framed around rich decadent chocolate and yummy cupcake orange, with sweet musk in the base, and single drops of red rose attar, clove bud EO, chewy amber and benzoin, which give it a sensual body and dimension. Prrreow.

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This was so much fun to be involved with! It is my first experience requesting a PE. Mara went above and beyond with the label! She definitely knows how to make a person feel special :)


Unfortunately, when the order first arrived, I was sick with the flu, and was unable to detect what it, or anything else smelled like.


I've kind of got my sniffer back this morning. And, so far, about an hour into wearing it, the orange continues to out on top, and doesn't seem like it's planning on letting go any time soon! I'd asked for a strong scent that could cover cops or stinky pheros, and this is strong. I think I need to give my nose more time to recover from being sick.

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Man, I wanted to love this so hard, and it just wasnt working out for me and my skin chemistry. Every time I tried it, it grew cloyingly sweet as I wore it, and it has longevity! And it doesnt wear close to the skin particularly either.


As it turns out, all it ever needed was to be layered with Beths Blushing Milkmaid. Wowzers. (I think I tried previously with OCCO White, but it did not compliment it.


I smell like a buttery pastry, like the fruit and chocolate filled croissants I used to get in this little coffee shop in Milan. And the Eves Temptation part of equation behaves itself.


Ive had it on for a couple of hours now, and will report back if it goes wonky for me after its been on me overnight.


Im so happy about this. I really enjoy adding cops much more than pheromones anyway, so its an all around win for me.


(Please ignore the lack of some punctuation in this post, I am on my phone - too lazy to go to the next room to grab my tablet, and for some reason apostrophes just dont show up).

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I like this! I think it's sooooo yummy, it's a really interesting idea for a gourmand floral.


I like how the orange, chocolate and rose interact in that they're all sort of bright and sweet, supported by the weight of the other notes. In the long drydown this makes me think of scents like Dream Lover and Darling Catalina but that's part of what I enjoy about it, it's just such a great combination. If anything I wish I got more of the rose later on because that would be lovely!


ETA: okay, the rose does come back later on and it is indeed delicious and beautiful.

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One of the most interesting things I’ve learned, is how differently fragrances wear on people. ET by itself is sweeter than I wanted. I do like sweet fragrance, it’s one of those ‘it’s me, not the perfume’ things.

On a whim I tried layering it over LPO, and the two compliment each other crazy well. And again, as to how fragrance varies according to who is wearing it, LPO is very apricot forward on me. Vanilla stays way in the background, and the patchouli (which is often difficult for me to wear) outlasts everything. When I put ET over LPO, it tempers the apricot, and the chocolate and rose are more apparent. Problem Child patchouli never gets a chance to take over at the tail end either. Also, the orange is not as prominent, but is present for the duration. All in all, wearing the two together gives ET more depth, and makes LPO sweeter.


I love these two over top OCCO white and Noco white. Talk about an exquisite combo!

Edited by Eve
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This has aged beautifully. I got it off the trade board a while back, so I never had it when it was newly fresh. But, even in the time I've had it, it has mellowed considerably. In fact, mellow is probably the best word to describe it. The orange is there, but it isn't super bright. More of a candied orange. I get the chocolate, too, but it isn't like a chocolate bar. In fact, for so many food notes, it isn't foody at all on me. It's not too anything.


It reminds me a bit of walking into a gift shop. The kind that sells local candies and treats, but also candles and lotions and things. Where the scents all kind of blend together to smell really good in the background, but without one specific theme. Not overpowering, like walking into a B&BW, just low-key background pleasantness that makes you want to wander the aisles, looking at all the bits and bobs. 


I find it calming and relaxing. It smells like how a lazy day feels. For when you want that chilling out vibe.

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