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Buttercream Peach 2018 w/ LAM+Aja

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I wore this a couple days ago. It didn't turn plasticky on me, which was good, but I'm not sure I like it as much as the earlier version I reviewed. It turned a bit "dusty" on me. Still nice, though. It faded quickly so I had to reapply, but once I did it lasted a long time. A LOOONNNNG time (like I could still smell it the next morning).

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As I linked to this thread today, I thought it would be nice to leave a review.


This to me smells like a more socially acceptable version of an aroused woman. Not so much a SLF scent as just the woman. Cops and Aja ?!? Are you kidding me ? It turns me on as much as Compromising Positions, but without the more adventurous androstenone. I apply it low on my body, including behind the knees,  inside of the ankles, not in my cleavage, and I'm ready to go. Pretty sure I don't need to be more specific than that.  Wonderful for a night on the couch watching TV, my feet in his lap, which eventually leads to much more. I think this is a sleeper HIT !




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I wore this for my monday night meeting, today. a stripe smooshed on both arms and a dab behind each knee. Went to a store where usually they try to make me leave my backpack and skateboard up front but kept my headphones on and pretended I couldn't hear the perfume people (for one, I'm not about to skate in the grocery store, even if their floors would be amazing to skate on ... I can resist that temptation. For two, I only needed three things for my sushi, tonight (it was a hot mess, I'm out of practice...)) and no one went out of their way to approach me, like once before.


anyway, got to the meeting, exucsed myself to prep the sushi, came back down and my friend made room for me to sit (I say friend loosely, since I don't really know any of these people, but he takes it as a personal affront if I don't sit with the group (usually, I don't want to gas them out (nail polish) or eat in front of everyone (in case they think it's rude, idk). So, he got to bask in the glory of this scent for an hour or so. I also noticed a girl I've spoken to once or twice (whom I had to pass in order to reach this seat) staring at me a bit. not in a weird way, just kinda staring. I spent a good 90% of the meeting dissociated, though, so I wasn't bothered. 


afterwards, the friend who had me sit next to him came up as I was leaving and made sure I knew that he likes having me around and appreciates me. lots of eye contact, told me about this startup he's in, where I work (almost sounded like it was gonna be a job offer, idk) anyway, he really  wanted me to know that he appreciates my presence and that he's not just being nice cuz he has to (one of the group leaders). felt like a hit. 


as for the scent, I think it starts juicy, but mellows to a soft, creamy peach. I have lost my AJA, so I can't really say if I'm smelling it, at all. I do remember loving it, though. idk. 

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@SugarKitten awesome story! Sounds like some good hits. And it sounds like that guy would let you skate around his grocery store....

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