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Stormy Weather w/ True Confessions

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Humans spend almost all of their time communicating with one another and there’s nothing more frustrating as when it seems others do not comprehend your message. The situation can escalate very quickly, so for those trying times we’re coming to the rescue with a pheromone-enhanced fragrance to calm that turbulent sea of emotion - allowing everyone to sail out of the storm and into a tranquil harbor of peace and understanding.

This unisex scent embodies a bracing aquatic vibe with multiple salt water and ozone accords plus a splash of succulent cactus juice on a base of clean musk and oakmoss. To aid in crucial conversations we’ve included a dose of our exclusive TRUE CONFESSIONS pheromone formula, the much celebrated combination of Beta and Alpha Androstenols, which purportedly encourages approach-ability, chattiness, and deeply intimate communication. Wearing a large amount is reported to have a truth serum-like effect on both wearer and others.

Scent: A masculine cologne-y aquatic, but women can wear it too!

WATER ACCORD ~ Cleansing, purifying. Fertility, Goddess energy, fluid of life. Renewal.
SALT ACCORD ~ protection, purification, grounding, feminine energy. Resurrection, baptism.
OZONE ACCORD ~ Evokes a feeling or airiness and lightning charged sky.
MOSSES ~ Luck enhancing, financial success, protection, charity. Parental love.
CACTUS ~ Protection, endurance, warmth, love, inspiration, sacred gateway to the spirit world.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.

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This is actually less aquatic than I thought it would be, compared to something like Ocean Mist. It has a really clean and smooth undertone, I would actually wear this - and considering how I feel about aquatic scents, that's really saying something. Totally unisex in that it's not too salty/ozone-y at all and yet it does have that tang to it which you expect from an ocean-like aquatic. But it is that kind of vibe which is suitable for guys - fresh and yet neutral.

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I tried to do an experiment where I wore this for a week straight (different times of day, in alternation with a couple other scents, kind of a "getting to know you" of my scents, both well-loved and rarely-used). 


I do love the scent, it's very aquatic on me, it's also pretty masculine for the first hour and a half or so, then it mellows to a nice, mellow aquatic. Unfortunately, I get a headache wearing more than one "drop" at a time. It sucks, but maybe I'll use it in my oil warmer or something, since I love how it smells.


I haven't noticed any "truth-serum" effect, but I started only wearing 3 "drops" and wiping the wand around my neck/chest, so I wouldn't expect that (not alone, anyway. I did wear it once with Island Rain and got a gross-out overshare that I've mentioned in another thread) from so little. IIRC, that time, it was 2 "drops" SW with 1 "IR", both wands swiped wherever. 

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This is sooo pretty! On me, it turns sweeter than I would have expected from the notes, but I can still get the "unisex" vibe off of it. I just happen to love scents like these--not necessarily aquatic, but "stormy." Like Aerion Skye, Island Rain, this one, stuff like that. I love storms, so I guess I like anything that reminds me of them. 


I didn't notice any effect from the TC, but I wore it to bed a couple nights ago so I wouldn't have expected to, since everyone was sleeping.

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This is very aquatic, though contrary to the name, on me it smells more like standing water. Not stagnant, just lacking the crispness of free flowing, brisk moving water. More like a pond. I can detect a lot of greenness, which I think is contributing to that impression. Possibly from the mosses, though I'm not sure. My brain is reading whatever those notes are as green and slightly forest-y. (It keeps shouting, "Pine!" even though this in no way smells like pine. Like those little kids who call all unfamiliar animals "doggies" even when it's, like, a horse. My brain's logic seems to be, "I don't know what it is, but it's green, so it's pine!")  


Back on topic, it starts out really masculine. However, in about 20 minutes that begins to fade and it becomes more truly unisex. After an hour, the oakmoss takes control and it turns powdery. 

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