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Alpha Androstenol link to early puberty in girls and sex drive in both sexes

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Alpha Androstenol in my research seems to be the cause of some change in menstrual cycle and a large contributor to early puberty in girls. There have been many links between father absence and earlier puberty in girls. I was able to find an article that pointed me to the idea that its the presence of a non biological male in the household and not the absence of a father...

Looking into that further as to what might cause that, alpha androstenol has been found in studies to decrease luteinizing hormone (LH) pulse frequency during the follicular phase of the human menstrual cycle causing a change. Lutenizing Hormone is a pituitary hormone that triggers ovulation in a woman. There is no question on the many studies by different authors on this part.

Married vs unmarried women had a difference

A few other of the reported adjustments in cycles included: two days closer together over a four to six-month interval (McClintock, 1971) and a 1.4 day shortening (Stern & McClintock, 1998).

Luteinizing Hormone also is highly correlated with sex drive in women, it surges just prior to ovulation time when sex drive is highest. It also causes secretion of testosterone in men from the testicular Leydig cells. So Alpha Androstenol will also have effects in both women and men there from the increase in LH.

I dont see strong evidence yet however that this also means women sync up their cycles simply from the pulse change, only that there is definate effect on luteinizing hormone causing a change from the exposure to alpha androstenol, as well as has been shown to start puberty earlier from the effect on LH in mice, and based on that article probably in those who are non related. The amount of change should also vary further based on exposure timeframe.

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DD, I only read the first article, but it's from 2002, and cites David Blankenhorn, the president of the "Institute for American Values." David Blankenhorn thinks Congress should step in to enforce "fatherhood," believes that marriage between one man and one woman is the only viable option for the health of a family, and that homosexual marriage is wrong. I think any article on female sexuality that cites him as an expert could potentially be considered prejudiced. Sentences that start with bias' like "... with children tending to receive higher quality parental investment in intact families..." might also be offensive to the many varieties and flavors of loving parents on here.

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Not to mention that McClintock has been entirely discredited.

This is junk science drivel.

You would do better, Data Dragon, treating women with care and respect than treating them like a science experiment. Good luck.





And that is not only to Potion Master but to Eastwood as well......

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Damn, I better stop knitting our matching sweaters for the cats then Mara...

Maybe Santa is just still mad at me for putting all those nice girls on the naughty list last year.... I did kind of throw off the ratios a bit being newly divorced... lol...

They all got guinness world records amount of kissing, cuddling, hand holding, foreplay, intimacy and especially passion so I dont hear much complaining.... Oh, and CARE and RESPECT.

Even now, all these women wanted to be my valentine since I'm newly single again, but I was really just waiting for all those delicious chocolates to go on discount sale ;) I mean chocolate ALWAYS loves me... Chocolate understands....

It is not a communist manifesto lol, my sisters have girls having earlier puberty and I'm sharing my findings since there are many intelligent women here... And other authors besides McClintock I referenced...

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