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Lani's Heavenly Lei


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I met the lovely Lani at the shop, and we were discussing how I often construct scent memories for people with these PEs, such as Autumn in the Northeast or Florida in Summer, etc., and she said, "That's what I want you to do for me, I miss home! Make me Springtime in Hawaii!" So we came up with a list of ingredients that conveyed sunshine and saltwater, humidity and the heady scent of blossoms wafting on the air. She laughed at my mispronunciations of all the Hawaiian flower names....it's pea-cock-ay, not pi-kah-kee, and maile vine is not may-lay, it's miley, like Cyrus. lol. Now we know. Lani (which means Heavenly) and I chose these ingredients....heady Plumeria and salty Pikake blossoms entwined with Maile Vine, over tropical Sandalwood, and my hand tinctured Sea Weed oil (for the scent of the ocean), with a hint of ozone for a a rainy humid feel. When I handed the finished bottle to her, she took a sniff and shook her head like "no". I said, "No?! I got it wrong?!" And she said, "No, as in I can't believe it, you got it EXACTLY right!" Yay! So happy!  

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Wow, this smells exactly like the few times I've actually worn a lei.  So intensely floral, I don't really get any of the sea-air vibe myself.  But those beautiful blossoms are usually KAPOW! on my skin.  Again, I would say that if you loved Beach Bunny & the Surfer Dude you should probably get this one.

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I have been working almost non-stop from half past seven this morning and it is now 6pm ... so I am feeling exhausted and brain dead.  But I still need to get about 3 more hours of work done tonight.  I tried Lani's Heavenly Lei because the fragrance was wonderfully strong and sweet and refreshing in the bottle.  It lives up to the hype on my skin.  It is perfect to go along with the balmy evening weather.  This would also be lovely on holiday.  

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