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I got 3 requests for a Ruthvah blend in one month, so there must be a discussion going on in one of the phero forums. Aleister Crowley touted the blend as the secret to his success in the sack, and yes, it would be packed with natural pheromones because the ingredients were all animal derived. As such, every ingredient completely illegal in this day and age. After determining that I was not the subject of a sting operation, I said, yes, I can do this with substitutions and simulations, and it will smell better than the stuff Crowley was using, which likely smelled like cat pee. lol. As I was making it, I realized I had done this very thing before and called it Potion Bastet, and later, Cat's Eye. It's a recipe that survives from Egyptian times. The original recipe calls for ingredients from whales, deer and cats. I make mine using Honey, Tree Sap, and plant derived Musk. It's difficult to make, the ingredients are expensive and require a precise hand at blending. It does smell amazing though.

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Copied and pasted from me journal in another forum. I go by the same name DrChocolate in every forum. 


. Ruthvah from LPMP

"WOW" simply wow. Really nice minty powdery smell with a hint of HIDDEN musk. HIDDEN cos it comes and goes intermittently. Mara took about 2 months to brew it, and it's worth the wait. I love it. 

Has a slight socialness to it. But I didn't get no compliments. Only tried it for a few hours and inside them few hours, I can see a chattiness from the ride share customers. But I didn't get no compliments for the scent. TBH I don't care cos I like it. Smile 

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For me, this is like a cross between Cat's Eye (as I never got to try Poison Bastet) and Jouir de.  It is very bestial.  Those of you who have tried Jouir de will know exactly what I mean by that.  But that's what this fragrance was meant to portray, of course (if you know anything about The Great Beast).  What does amaze me is that this is a plant-based analog and it smells as potent as if it came from animal sources.

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I was extremely fortunate to snag a bottle of this!  I like it on its own, and would categorize it as a seriously sexy nighttime scent. 


 It seems the majority of the dark resinous type scents have patchouli  in it, but Ruthvah does not, so another win for me, as patchouli is rarely, if ever my friend. 


EDITED almost four years later….


I don’t know if Mara has considered rebrewing this. I wear it occasionally, and although I can see why it is compared to Potion Bastet, on me it does not wear all that similarly.  I’ve not worn Cat’s Eye, nor Jouir De, so I cannot make any sort of comparison to them. 

When first applied, I’m not crazy about Ruthvah.  It’s “okay”.  It wears a little bit soapy on me in the beginning.  After a few hours it transforms somehow, into a sweet perfume,  maybe in the oriental category? It becomes very complex and I love it when it reaches this stage. It goes from okay to amazing!

Do I reach for it all that often?  No, not really, but when I do, I always tell myself I need to wear it more frequently.  It’s sophisticated and a very very sexy (in the sense of raw sex) type scent. 

Potion Bastet I wear quite a bit more.  Maybe not weekly, but it’s not stored in the back of my perfume drawer, it stays in regular rotation.  

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