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I got My order-I got my ship notice!


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Will do Danna. I'm not very much concerned though. Lots of idiots working here at the post office... One of them actually wrecked my front door while trying to force a package though the mailbox. As long as they don't break (or steal!) my stuff I'm quite patient with these people...

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Mara and Danna, my package arrived yesterday and I want to thank you so much for all this wonderful deliciousness! Your scents really are of the "eat me alive" variety and I just can't resist constantly sniffing (even if there's no gorgeous hunk of man around to sniff what I'm wearing as well, sigh). Gretel's Candy Corn is going to get me through overtime at work today. :love:

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Please, please, please.


If there is a problem, wrong bottle, something left out, please EMAIL OR CALL the studio.


I wouldn't have known about this but I got a phone call early this AM about it.


I just can't do CS from the forum, as much as I'd like to. If you post it here- chances are I'm not going to see it.


I'm sorry about the bottle mix up- keep the SA and Email me about the other and I'll send it out.





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