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A potion for Love Everlasting.

Magical Properties: Eternal Love, Commitment, Purification, Protection, Sanctity, Soothing.

Notes: Freshly turned Earth, Funereal Flowers, Ceremonial Resins.


I had wanted to do a potion just to give away to my friends for my birthday this year, which falls just a few days before Valentine's Day. When I saw this enormously touching and awe-inspiring photo of the 5,000 year old embracing skeletons that were uncovered in Italy that week, I knew I had my inspiration in this image that so poignantly portrays love everlasting.


The fragrance can be described as truly Goth and undeniably funereal; wistful and evocative, but extremely beautiful and soothing too. I wanted to bring the image of these discovered lovers to mind with the scent of freshly turned earth, but also the magickal influence of everlasting love with Roses, select greens and other funereal flowers; and finally, the sense of gravitas and ceremony with Frankincense and Myhrr and other resins used for centuries in a myriad of religions for both weddings and funerals, purification and sanctity.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art:

March 2007


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