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Portunus, the Roman God of Keys, Gates, Doors, Ports and Harbors. We've created a potion in his honor - (his day of celebration is August 17th, Portunalia) - a potion to be worn when you want to open doors yourself, a potion for opportunity of all kinds!


More about PORTUNUS: In Roman mythology, Portunus was a god of keys and doors. He protected the warehouses where grain was stored. Probably because of folk associations between porta "gate, door" and portus "harbor", the "gateway" to the sea, Portunus later became conflated with Palaemon and evolved into a god primarily of ports and harbors. The word OPPORTUNITY comes from his name.


Magical Properties: For opening the doors of opportunity, prosperity and success in all ventures.

Notes: Fresh, natural and aquatic. Snowbells from China, Arabian Figs, Mediterranean Daffodils, European Timothy, Oakmoss from France, North American Fern, Indonesian Nutmeg, and more.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art:

August 2007


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