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This is more than just a fragrance, it's a very precise potion that took months of planning and preparation, and includes a combination of ingredients that have been touted throughout the ages to aid the righteous and innocent in achieving justice. It won't grant a victory where none is due, but it may help everyone see clearly and logically, discover where truth has been clouded, and encourage calm communication.


Via its ingredients and empowerments, Justice Potion embodies the following properties: Equity, Fairness, Truth, Communication, the rebounding of negativity towards its source, suppression of lies, slander and gossip, and compensation.


Aids the righteous and innocent in achieving justice.  This is a light fragrance with a woody scent, comprised of infusions of green leafy herbs and crushed woody roots. It can be worn as a fragrance by both women and men, and can also be dabbed on objects and correspondence.


Created by: Mara & Danna

Label art: Lisa Iris

August 2007


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