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Sweet Revenge


Truly, success is the best revenge - and this is one doozy of a success potion. 

Not only does it contain leafy greens and woods famed throughout folklore for their ability to draw luck, wealth, popularity and boost personal power, but we've also added ingredients fabled to ward off negativity and to calm anger, frustration and irritability in the wearer — so you can get over it in a healthy way, and take the world by storm. So there. That'll show 'em!


A fresh and leafy scent with a hint of citrus. Fans of our "Benzaiten's Good Fortune Potion" will enjoy this one as well. May be worn by both women and men.

GREEN NOTES ~ Pleasure, blissfulness, attraction, stamina, courage, strength, healing.
WOODS ~ Enhances perception of beauty, love, sensuality, money, luck, hex-breaking.
CITRUS ~ Energizing, uplifting, longevity, faithfulness, fidelity, friendship, mental acuity.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art:

September 2007

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