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The Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot, is the week long Jewish harvest festival. A beautiful tradition, the celebrations take place in a temporary structure constructed of materials grown from the earth, and liberally decorated with Autumn fruits and vegetables.

The American pilgrims, who originated the Thanksgiving holiday, are said to have borrowed the idea from Sukkot. The pilgrims were deeply religious people - when they were trying to find a way to express their thanks for their survival and for the harvest, they looked to the Bible for an appropriate way of celebrating and found Sukkot.

I attended one such celebration in my youth, and still recall a dessert I enjoyed immensely called "compote" - a melange of stewed fruits and spices. We followed a traditional Kosher recipe in making this perfume and it smells absolutely delicious - but remember, it's not edible, it only makes you smell that way!

The aroma of a bushel of sweet ripe Plums, complimented by a dash of Peach, Clove, Sugar, Cinnamon and a tiny splash of Apple juice. Mmmm!

Magical properties include Fertility, Creativity, and Abundance.


Created by: Mara Fox

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October 2007


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