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Archive: Lover's Reunion (original)


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A beautifully pleasing, aromatic potion that was created to aid lovers in reuniting and staying together. Crafted with ingredients that help create a state where Love, Understanding and Fidelity may prosper. 


Carnation - Inspires others to treat you with affection and consideration; Induces Fascination.

Daffodil - Sympathy, Regard, Affection Returned.

Daisy - Gentleness, Innocence, Loyalty and Romance.

Apple - Love, healing, fertility, happiness.

Apricot - Love.

Basil - Causes sympathy between two people who wish to avoid major clashes. Ivy - Fidelity, Wedded Love, Friendship and Affection.

Lavender - Devotion, Loyalty, sexual arousal in men.

Orange Blossom - Love, Marriage.

Lemon Verbena - Everlasting Love.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: "The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis" by Jacques-Louis David



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