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A deliciously soothing and relaxing scent intended to calm you down during 'Tax Time', or anytime!


Feeling stressed to the max? Reached the very end of your patience and need to relax? Take a few deep breaths and apply some TAXED. Crafted of sweet crème, vanilla crème, light florals, and ylang-ylang; Taxed has a soothing aroma in which you'll yearn to envelop yourself. But have a care, these notes are aphrodisiacs too!


Vanilla and Ylang Ylang blends have traditionally been considered amongst the most dreamy, ethereal and relaxing of natural combinations; believed to have both aphrodisiac and stress relieving properties. Conquering depression, fear, anger and jealousy are all properties attributed to the scent of a fine Ylang Ylang. Naturally, we have sought out the finest and most lovely available, combined with an excessively delicious Vanilla.

Experiencing this fragrance is akin to laying your head down against a trusted loved one, who tells you everything will be okay, and allows your stress to simply melt from your bones......


Created by: Danna Taylor

Label art: Mara Fox

March 2008


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