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A spritely, bright, sensually energizing and insight potion.  Ginger, Lime, Lemon, a touch of effervescence, white Ambers and Musks for a combo that feels sparkly, alert and fresh.


This potion is wonderful for both Men and Women. Slightly spicy, bright, and full of fun. Perfect for those who like to "shake a tail feather!"


The peacock is a symbol of the Greek Goddess Hera, symbolizing her all-seeing watchfulness. Hera's beloved personal watchman and protector, the giant Argus, had 100 eyes. After he was slain, Hera immortalized Argus by setting his eyes in the tail of the peacock and kept the bird with her as an emblem.

Lime, Lemon and Ginger are known 'energizing' scents, brightening the emotions and exciting the senses. The citrus notes are also for insight and opening the psychic Chakra, or "Third Eye".


Created by: Pat (katz) & Mara

Label art: "The Rivals" - F X Leyendecker

March 2008


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