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As twilight draws itself like a blanket across the landscape, a wonderous transformation begins... Sparkling points of light emerge, and dance amongst the night blossoms, crisp leafy stalks, and yet to ripen fruits, casting a spell of wonder that none but the Night Owl may witness.

Come play with us, come play with us, they dance, they sing, they coo. Let's weave a spell of plenitude, fertile dreams, and life anew.

The dawn brings their revelry to a close, and only the Night Owl ever knows, that the tale is told in droplets of sparkling dew, and perhaps a faery ring or two...


The result of a night of Fae magic: the wee ones dancing upon unopened flowers, crisp leafy stalks and yet to ripen fruits; watery with fresh morning dew.


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April 2008


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