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The recipe for this was given to me by a Canadian Massage and Aroma Therapist named Dawn. She explained to me that the way they use the ingredients in Aromatherapy, is that they pass the individual notes beneath a person's nose one by one, in succession, (but in no particular order).


It's not supposed to be for times when you are truly hungry. (If you're hungry, for goodness sake, eat something!) It's for times when you are craving sweets or being peckish for no reason...when you are just acting like a little piggy.

Anyway, when Dawn told me about this, I mentally cataloged the ingredients and thought, "Hey, that would make a really lovely perfume!" I asked her, "When combined, does it have a similar effect?" She didn't know, she never tried.

So here be our experiment. Let's see if it works. If not, it's still a great little perfume that can even be used for ritual use. The fruits in this blend magically represent fertility, creativity, immortality, health, love and happiness; and spearmint, also for the above as well as being energizing and stimulating. (So put on some Anti-Piggy and get on that exercycle!)

FRUITS ~ Fertility, creativity, immortality, health, love, happiness.
SPEARMINT ~ Energizing and stimulating.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: Mara Fox

April 2008

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