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This post is for the newbies out there who are having problems signing up to join our Forum family. Since the new Forum update last month, we have discovered that the forum is rejecting people’s applications to join the Forum. To get around this simply email Mara at catalunalpmp@yahoo.com and tell her what you want your username to be and which email address you’d like to register with. We do not accept registrations from a few email providers like Hotmail as they are generally used for spam accounts. Yahoo, gmail, aol, Comcast etc are all perfectly okay. Any large email providers are just fine. Mara will then manually add your Forum account and send you a temporary password. As soon as you log in the first time you can set your password to whatever you’d like. We are sorry for the inconvenience this new system is creating but rest assured, we are looking for a solution because we DO want you here with us. Until then, let us help you start your Forum account so you can join in the fun!

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