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By day he is dignified and refined in the halls of the corporate world. By night he's a leather-clad rebel roaring up to the local roadhouse on his motorcycle, his hair tousled from the cool night wind. And his fragrance is as masculine as he is, rich with the scent of fine aged whisky and expensive cigars.

Down and Dirty for Men is for the man who wants to be different, the one who makes the ladies wonder who is the real man underneath that leather jacket: a gentleman…or a rogue? But either way he's absolutely irresistible!


Guys, give in to your wild side with our sexy blend of amber, patchouli, leather, aged whisky and tobacco, featuring tonka bean and anise, with a touch of black pepper to turn up the heat…Down and Dirty drives them wild!


Created by: Scourger, May, Chaionlife, Dolly

Name: Dolly

Description: Dolly & Julie (luna65)

Label art: Vivica

Designing August collection, August 2008


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