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At this time of year, when Night is the longest portion of the day and sparkling with the jewels of the sky, immerse yourself in the scents of the night air, and the precious resins and oils the ancients used as offerings to the beloved Goddesses of the Night.


Each of these fragrance potions was designed for female empowerment in it's many forms, to compliment our many phases and moods, and to celebrate the Goddess within us all.




The Greek Moon Goddess, Artemis is the Goddess of The Hunt and The Wild. In my mind, she is a fierce creature, with all the physical and psychological attributes of a huntress and protector. Strong, brave, intimidating and commanding, Artemis is the assertive and confident scent in our collection. This potion is defined by the scent of bold resins and wild greens that wrap you in a magical cloak of strength and protection.


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The Roman Moon Goddess, Diana may have begun as the very same 'person' as Artemis, but the legends around her subtly changed throughout time, so, to me, she is a distinct being unto herself. Diana did not remain the 'Maiden Huntress', but later achieved the status of Mother. {She gave birth to a lesser known deity named Aradia - a personal favorite of mine - who brought healing knowledge and magical power to women, and is therefore known as the "Queen of Witches".} My view of Diana is that of a 'lighter' and more feminine personality than that of Artemis. I chose Diana to embody a specific admirable maternal trait - the ability 'to make it all better'. Diana is a mood-elevating scent, both for the wearer and the ones you let close enough to share the scent with you. Layered with gorgeous, moon-soaked florals, it's light, fresh, round and full-moon-bright; it will lift your emotions and let your spirit soar.




The Egyptian Moon Goddess, Isis shares numerous traits with Diana and Artemis, but is uniquely considered a "physical" being - that of flesh and blood, desire and fertility. I chose Isis as the representative of the sensuous, sultry scent in this collection. Ancient resins layered with the alluring, edible-scented sweetness of honey and brown sugar. It will make your lover yearn to uncover all the mysteries within you.


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Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: Mara Fox & Lisa Iris

Winter 2006

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