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Archive: To Soothe A Broken Heart (original)


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A potion for nurturing yourself. Calming, soothing, emotionally healing. A potion of self love, and for elevating your spirit. Misty, pale lavender, tender buds of jasmine, mosses, a little sweetness. Ingredients designed to encourage others treat you more gently too. A warmly embracing scent to wear when you are feeling fragile, and works beautifully as a snuggly bed time scent too.


MOSSES ~ Soothing, luck enhancing, financial success, protection.

LAVENDER ~ Soothing, restores body and mind. Purification, protection, healing.

JASMINE ~ Self confidence, spiritual love, self love, anxiety reduction, prosperity; powerful love attractant .

WHITE MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength.

SUGAR CANE ~  Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches.

(The combination of Oak Moss and Sugar Cane in this blend is known to evoke nurturing kindness and gentleness towards the wearer.)


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February 2009


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