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Nosferatu is preparing for his evening meal with a light libation, won't you join us in front of the fire? Sweet Bavarian cream, Indian Amber, Wild Roses, Carpathian Chocolate, Barbados Sugar...these are all of the nefarious reasons why this is Nosfy's favorite aperitif...try it yourself and see what appetites you can stimulate....nyehehe...


"Nosferatu," an ancient eastern European word for "undead." Any vampire, from the suave, sophisticated Dracula, down to the ratlike vampire from the 1922 film, or even the shimmery Edward, can be addressed thusly. Let's see what they keep in their cabinet...

The concoction that he drinks by night, a before dinner taster if you will, is a glorious combination. It has the sweetest milk of the land, frothy, creamy with just a touch of Barbados sugars brought to his shores once upon a midnight moon. He knows that those who smell this upon his manufactured breath think of sweet young mothers who guard their young, and therefore he is trustworthy.

The drink contains the steeped petals of the wild rose, legend has it that the wild rose repels those of his kind, the thorns it is said contain the smallest amount of sap, a toxin that will sap the energy of his kind, and therefore he is strong, brave, a hero.

Indian ambers settle to the bottom of the glass, they provide the elegance that he feels he is missing to persuade those to come, visit, perhaps stay the night, they are deep, dark pieces, brought by his faithful bodyguards. They shimmer in the candlelight, the crystals exuding an exotic sense of the erotic, and with this he is sensual.

The pieces of dark chocolate brought to him by his gypsy house staff coat the top of the drink, they dance across the froth like the wings of a bat. When the chocolate melts ever so slightly, the scent it gives is that of heat, a heat he cannot produce on his own, and with this he is alive.

The sprinkling of cinnamon wafting in and out of the brew adds a bit of sex to this mix, look out for the changes in his eyes as the spark begins…

Nosfy's Aperitif is a glorious combination of all the things dark, sensuous, and hypnotic aphrodesia. Join us won’t you? Nosfy is waiting…


CREAM ~ Soothing, eases troubled relationships.

AMBER ~ Fertility, luck, riches, sensuality.

ROSE ~ Self-confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts affection and love, fertility.

CHOCOLATE ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.

SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness, riches, lust inducing


Created by: Danna Taylor

Description: Sean (The Naughty Jester)

Label art: Mara Fox

October 2009


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