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Linnea's Brew


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Who says pumpkin is for Fall? Not we! Linnea wanted something to replace her beloved Punky, so I crafted something in that vein with an entire patch of pumpkins and a dot of apple, sweetened with brown and maple sugars and butterscotch, with tiny dabs of praline and chestnut, and a base of patchouli and oud. Nope, it's not exactly like Punky because those ingredients are long gone, but it's of that ilk, spicy and yummy and nibblable, yum!

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Ooooh this is yummy!  As a sweet(er) Autumnal scent I like this because of the blend of all the elements, the earthiness beneath the sweet and nutty notes.  I get a bit of a tang from the apple but I think the pumpkin - for me - is primarily spicy but mixes so well with the darker sweet notes.  I would wear this in Fall, but sure, if you love this kind of thing then you want it whenever you want it.

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Wow, #winning! the pumpkin in this is perfect, but what makes it a winner is the praline. I thought it was, and I am not one bit dissapointed. I just put it on and there's a touch of that "dustiness" my skin does, I really really hope it doesn't turn. I'll update later.



"Later" is the new "seven weeks." Linnea's Brew really is a good time.

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