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Success is all a matter of playing your cards right… Everyone wants an ace in the hole when it comes to matters of the heart and wallet...well, how about a 3 of Pears? Did you know the pear is lucky? Not only is it one juicy attractant of love, lust and longevity, but good fortune as well. This fruity and flowery success potion is brimming with summery notes of pear, plumeria, pineapple and pikaki, then given an extra "Show me the money!" spin with yummy maple and pecan. Are ya feelin’ lucky? The odds are on your side when you’ve got a 3 of Pears up your scented sleeve!


PEAR ~ Love, lust, passion, longevity, luck.

PLUMERIA ~ Love, strong ingredient for love spells.

PIKAKI ~ Self-confidence, anxiety reduction, prosperity, powerful love attractant.

PECAN ~ Money, employment.

MAPLE ~ Love attraction, longevity, money attractant.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Mara Fox

April 2010


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