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Christine’s conception for the scent of an exotic summer moment…shining sun-warmed skin evoked by three kinds of luscious coconut (including a decadent coconut cream accord) paired with white, green and Egyptian musk, given a fresh breezy aura with bamboo and a dash of pineapple.


Created by: Christine & Mara

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

Favorite PEs collection, July 2010


Review Thread


The horizon was blue, endlessly blue…the turquoise shimmer of the ocean meeting the glowing horizon of clear cerulean sky.  The weight of humidity meant the breeze touched the skin with an insistent caress, inviting her to experience adventure and possibility in the paradise before her.  Beautiful people strolled down the shore and lay upon the sugary sand in full surrender to the sun. Her cares drifted away much as the birds taking flight out over the sea…there was only exotic pleasure here and she came forth into the day to claim her share.

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